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Imagine Tapping Away Unwanted Emotional Pain with EFT Therapy

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EFT therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique) helps you do just that, tap away emotional pain.

Those who have experienced EFT tapping, report an immediate feeling of relief.

In most cases, people report that their distress levels, about an issue, decrease or completely disappear during the course of the EFT emotion focused therapy treatment.

You will also be given instructions on how to continue to use these skills of EFT tapping on your own, after your session. Any further unwanted feelings or emotions that arise, you will be able to release all by yourself, as you learn to use this tapping treatment at home.

EFT tapping therapy does not require years of analysing past issues. Certain issues may require follow-up treatments of this emotionally focused therapy, but learning the techniques is beneficial, so that you can perform such follow-ups on your own.

It is easily learned and I teach my clients the tapping therapy technique for self-treatment for their specific needs, so that they may continue to help themselves.

What is EFT therapy?

EFT tapping, sometimes called “Psychological or Emotional acupuncture” and it is based on the ancient Chinese treatment of acupuncture. Eastern practitioners have a theory that negative emotions cause disturbances in the body’s energy field.

There is a key principle that many people are becoming aware of, that our feelings, beliefs, impressions, thoughts and emotions are held in place by energy at a cellular level.

Experiencing intense emotions such as fear, for instance, can cause the energy flowing through the body to be disrupted. Often, it is this energy imbalance that we experience as emotional or physical pain.

EFT tapping helps correct energy imbalance by stimulating acupuncture pressure points with gentle tapping instead of needles. This is an emotion focused therapy and by tapping with fingers on the meridians (body’s energy systems), many fears and emotional problems can vanish in minutes.

Tapping therapy sends pulses through the meridians and releases the emotional charge and once the energy meridians are balanced, the emotional intensity reduces and the fear goes away.

Basic example of the emotional tapping technique

As a hypnotherapist I have found that using hypnosis, EFT tapping and the power of the subconscious mind during a session, has helped people just like you and me, make profound changes sooner then they might have dreamed of taking place.

The basic EFT tapping therapy, involves acknowledging there is an issue you want to change (a past uncomfortable feeling or emotion that is to be neutralised or released). It is not necessary to get deeply involved or to “re-live” the issue or event, thinking about it is sufficient.

Then, simultaneously while holding these thoughts in mind the tapping therapy begins, using one or two fingers to tap on a series of specific points on the face. These points correspond to meridians used in the treatment of acupuncture and tapping on these meridians can alter the body’s energy field, restoring emotions to a healthy “balance”.

In most cases, people report that their distress levels, about an issue, decrease or completely disappear during the course of the first EFT emotion focused therapy treatment.

Client testimonial

  • I’m happy to report that the hypnosis sessions have helped me immensely, especially the visualisations but also the EFT tapping when I’ve felt intense emotions or panic. I’ve been able to cease further counselling as I haven’t felt the need for it. ~ B.V Sydney NSW

EFT tapping is effective for relief from the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Blushing
  • Shyness
  • Insecurity
  • Comfort eating
  • Cravings
  • Binge eating

EFT tapping, sometimes called psychological acupuncture, may be the answer for overweight men and women who are struggling to give food cravings the flick.

Dr Stapleton, a psychologist and the president of the Eating Disorders Association of Qld, said the technique could also be helpful to those battling obesity.

According to research at Griffith University, Dr Peta Stapleton said: “cravings for comfort foods such as chocolate, chips, cakes and sugary soft drinks could be more easily overcome by what she calls “psychological acupuncture” or tapping”.

Tapping can help over-ride our emotional and physiological responses to different stimuli, including food cravings.

It requires some focus and training but is otherwise an easy, practical and painless way of managing body and mind issues.

How much does EFT tapping session cost?

The cost of each EFT session is $210.00 and a typical session lasts about an hour.

In my experience of working with clients, I have also found that there are many advantages of using a combination of Hypnosis treatments with EFT tapping to achieve quick and lasting results.

Case Study

I share this case study in the hope that more people will explore these quick and easy methods of achieving stress relief, sleeping better and to have more motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

Margaret (not her real name) came to see me because she wanted to fall pregnant. She heard that hypnosis can help reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions.

She told me she was 38 years old and that five years ago she was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. She had fallen pregnant three years ago but sadly she miscarried. The memories and emotions of the miscarriage were still raw.

In the last few years she’s been undergoing IVF. After each failed round she experienced an even greater deal of stress and anxiety. It was getting harder to stop the persistent negativity and daily struggle with unresolved emotions; disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness and guilt.

On a scale of 1 -10 she placed her disappointment and sadness as a 9 out of 10. We began the process of EFT tapping on these emotions. After a short while she reported that she felt more calm. The disappointment and sadness reduced down to about 6 out of 10.

Margaret was shown how to do the EFT tapping at home, to keep her stress and various emotions under control.

We proceeded to the next step.

Hypnosis was used to release the underlying, unresolved feelings of anger, disappointment and sadness. Hypnosis was of help to connect her with her inner strengths and resources, to manage her emotions more calmly.

During the next session we dealt with lingering emotions. She said: “some negative emotions improved but some still needed more attention”. Hypnosis was used to deal with them more effectively.

Margaret used the EFT tapping skills in between sessions. Whenever her emotions started to get the better of her, she would tap them away. She said she managed to calm herself down rather well. She also reported she slept better since the last session.

At the third visit Margaret was visibly relaxed and at ease. She reported feeling more carefree and less emotional. She continued to sleep better and was waking up feeling more energetic. She was eating healthier and was more motived for taking care of her health.

This third session helped her to connect with her instincts and to trust in her body. She was able to view her reproductive organs not as in medical textbooks; but as an welcoming little nursery for her baby to snuggled into.

We had another session a few weeks later to reinforce everything. This session helped bring things together, so she can remain stress free and maintain her improved attitude toward herself and her health and wellbeing.

Several months later I received a call from her with wonderful news; she excitedly told me she is pregnant.

This case study describes the profound benefits to a client in a matter of three or four sessions. The client also took away a set of skills to use long after the sessions were done.

In conclusion, hypnosis and EFT combination can be of help for stress relief, both emotional and physical. If you are able to imagine letting go of your fears and if everything in this article makes a lot of common sense, EFT therapy is for you.