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Suffering with Insomnia?

Every one of us will suffer with a sleepless night, now and again. But, insomnia and restless sleep, night after night, is a seriously unpleasant condition. And unfortunately, insomnia rates are rising.

Insomnia Hypnosis treatment offers a great deal of success in improving sleep quality for sufferers of sleep deprivation and insomnia.

Beat Insomnia with hypnosis and sleep like a baby People who suffer from frequent bouts of insomnia tell me just how stressful and exhausting it really is.

Once insomnia takes it’s toll it can cause many unwanted emotional problems like; frustration, fatigue, fogginess. Not to mention lack of concentration and stress, anxiety and irritability. It can be a relief to learn that a trained Hypnotherapist can be of help to those who suffer from chronic insomnia.

According to the Sleep Health Foundation we are in the grip of a sleep deprivation epidemic; dragging down nation’s productivity; risking safety and damaging mental health.

Research at the Sleep Foundation has found that 33 to 45 per cent of adults sleep poorly or not long enough most nights, leaving them to face the new day with fatigue, irritability and other side effects of sleep deprivation.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I understand that insomnia has many different causes and I will structure an individual hypnosis treatment to suit your needs. 

Yes, that’s right, the same insomnia treatment will not be right for every person. But together we can determine what is causing your sleep problems and find a solution to suit your individual needs.

For example, if you suffer a great deal of stress and anxiety, then helping you to manage your stress will be our priority. Are deadlines or worry causing you to stay awake? Are you waking up at the same time every night unable to go back to sleep?

Insomnia does take on different patterns, depending on the underlying causes – is falling asleep the issue, or waking up too frequently? Is your insomnia due to nightmares?

When insomnia is left untreated, it is only a matter of time before you are faced with having to endure some unpleasant and stressful life experiences and side effects. The fear of yet another sleepless night causes many people to take sleeping pills or sedatives, which can potentially have negative impacts on health if taken too frequently.

Hypnotherapy is said to be a more natural solution to sleep soundly and to help people avoid the potential side effects of sleepless nights.

Written by: Katherine Ferris Clinical Hypnotherapist

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