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Contact me today for any questions you may have about hypnotherapy. I am Katherine Ferris, experienced clinical hypnotherapist. Feel free to get in touch anytime. I am here to help. Send me an email by using the form below. All information received is kept private and confidential.

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Get in touch Mobile: 0414 585 595 find out about hypnotherapy session fees and hypnosis treatments available to help with your issues or addictions? Hypnotherapy can be used to stop dependancy on habits such as; quit smoking or compulsive gambling or overeating and weight issues.

Write and let me know what you are struggling with? Because I believe your issues can be resolved, even sooner than you think.

Interesting questions I’ve been asked:

Funnily enough, no. I don’t swing a watch to put someone in a trance or make them do weird things. Forget about what you’ve seen on stage shows or Hollywood movies.

Being in hypnosis is not mind control. Rest assured, being hypnotised is not being put under. That’s because hypnosis is a natural mind phenomena which connects you to your inner intelligence for safe guidance.

Simply put, you may not know exactly, because when you are hypnotised you are still aware of what’s being said to you. You are not asleep. When you are hypnotised you are relaxed and aware, yet more responsive to suggestions that are made.

Hypnosis trance feels like a very familiar experience for a majority of people. We come in and out of hypnosis daily, but we don’t even realise we are doing it. While you are in hypnosis your attention is so focused (think of driving a car) that distractions are temporarily blocked out or ignored.

Hypnotherapy only works when you have a strong desire to make changes. For example; if you are keen to stop smoking, then hypnotherapist can help you, but can’t force you into becoming a non smoker against your will. Hypnotherapy really works if you have a goal to quit limiting beliefs, bad habits and behaviours.

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Find out how hypnotherapy can be of help to you with IBS Irritable Bowel, stress and anxiety, IVF and unexplained infertility. Reach out to get more information on insomnia, to stop nail biting, or any other issues you happen to be struggling with.

Fill in the above contact form, because I am very happy to offer assistance with any other queries you have. For example, how long is each session of gambling hypnotherapy. Or how many sessions of stop smoking hypnosis you’ll need. Feel free to ask for help with booking an appointment online.

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