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Sydney CBD Hypnotherapy Location – Sydney Wellbeing Centre

Sydney CBD Clinical hypnotherapy location. Registered Hypnotherapist Katherine Ferris based at Sydney Wellbeing Centre is located in the heart of Sydney CBD city centre, in Macquarie Street, Sydney. 
I am a clinical hypnotherapist with 20+ years of experience. Genuinely looking forward to safely guiding you to make positive changes, in the way you think, feel and do things. Regardless of what stressful life issues you are struggling with, I would like to hear from you. Get in touch today!

Open Hours

Monday 10am to 6pm

Tuesday 10am to 6pm

Wednesday 10am to 6pm

Thursday 10am to 6pm

Friday 10am to 6pm

phone number

0414 585 595


Level 5/193 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

How to find a registered hypnotherapist located near you

Finding a clinical hypnotherapist located near you is very easy with Google Maps. Wikipedia describes Hypnotherapy as: also known as hypnotic medicine, and the use of hypnosis in psychotherapy and counselling. Sydney CBD hypnotherapy location is nestled in and around iconic and Heritage Listed city buildings. Getting around the city is very easy with ample Taxi and Uber Services. You’ll also find public transport within the city is abundant. There are many regular services nearby; ferries, buses, light rail tram and trains.

Sydney CBD Hypnotherapy Location and Public transport

Sydney CBD Clinical hypnotherapy location is based near several Train stations which are within a short walking distance. Martin Place train station is literally around the corner, and the St James train station is only few hundred meters away. The light rail is located on George Street.

Car Parking can be found at these Secure Parking Stations:
187 Macquarie Street
131 Macquarie Street

Google Map below indicates a handy location for a city hypnotherapist located near you in Sydney CBD

Sydney CBD Hypnotherapy Location of Sydney Wellbeing Centre at Suite 26, on the 5th Floor, 193 Macquarie Street. Consultation Hypnotherapy Practice rooms are based in a classic original Heritage Listed building.

Other occupants within the historic building are; medical doctors, specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical hypnotherapist and other health professionals.

Steeped in history, the building retains the old world charm of the 1930’s. Ornate decor hangs over the main entrance. Rich wood panelling lines the walls of the large foyer, the elevator and the hallways.

Sydney CBD Location Landmarks and places of interest near Sydney Wellbeing Hypnotherapy Centre

Sydney CBD hypnotherapy practice of Sydney Wellbeing Centre is located directly across from the NSW State Parliament in Macquarie Street, Sydney.

This is a very pleasant part of the city. It’s an easy walk from Hyde Park and the St Mary’s Cathedral and the NSW State Library.

The Domain is at the rear of the Sydney Eye Hospital grounds just across the street.

Enjoy a leisurely walk or a relaxing meditation in the green, lush Botanic Gardens. This large park, in the middle of the city, is considered to be one of the most picturesque gardens anywhere in the world.

Royal Botanic Garden is said to be about one third the size of the CBD, with large sweeping lawns and shady trees. Because it provides ample cool shade in the summer, office workers flock to the garden during their lunch breaks.

Similarly, it’s within a short stroll is the Opera House, Circular Quay, The Rocks and the iconic Harbour Bridge.

Hypnotherapy Location in heart of Sydney CBD
Sydney CBD Hypnotherapy Location at 193 Macquarie Street

Sydney CBD Hypnotherapy Location in Macquarie Street in 1954

Sydney CBD Hypnotherapist at Historical Macquarie Street in 1954
Historical Image of Macquarie Street Sydney in Feb 1954

A very special black and white photograph, proudly hangs on the wall of the clinical hypnotherapy practice room.

This historic event photo of Macquarie Street, Sydney, captures the festive preparation for the very first Australian Royal visit by Queen Elizabeth II.

Photo taken at the doorstep of St Stephen’s Church in Macquarie Street. The Parliament House is on the opposite side of the road. This historic event snapshot was taken by an unknown photographer on 3rd February 1954.

Coincidentally, another interesting piece of memorabilia resurfaced from the Queens visit. Displayed at the Museum of Arts and Sciences is a very rare, silk-covered timetable, used by the Queen during her first visit.

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Sydney CBD Clinical hypnotherapy location