Parents really do have a profound effect on how smart their child becomes later in life. Latest information published in the Daily Telegraph reveals that when mothers spend quality time with their new born baby, they effectively help baby develop a larger, healthier brain.

This deep loving connection is established with the baby during pregnancy. Devoting quality time to talk to your unborn child is vital. As a Hypnobirthing childbirth coach, I teach pregnant couples the importance of  bonding with their baby well before birth.

A no brainer maybe, but mothers love gives kids a head start…
happier birth experience with hypnobirthingLisa Power and Britney Kleyn authors of above article in the Daily Telegraph claim that “the power of a mother’s love is so great, it can cause a child’s brain to grow larger.” Healthy brain development can be directly attributed to loving and nurturing support offered by parents during infancy and during the preschool years.

This claim is supported by US scientists from Washington University, who found that parental emotional support was a strong indicator of the size of the key areas of the brain, the hippocampus, by the time a child reaches school age.

Dr Sears article How babies Brains Grow is well worth a read. As is his smart tip: “smart from the start parenting” helping the infant’s developing brain make the right connections.”

In conclusion, the bond between mother and baby cannot be overestimated. During pregnancy it is said that; “how a mum is feeling – the baby is feeling”. Bringing your baby into this world calmly helps your baby to get a great start in life.

I am a hypnobirthing coach and childbirth educator, and if you would like to discuss how you can create a strong bond with your baby during pregnancy and birth, please feel free to call me on (02) 9568 6801 or send me an email.

Written review by: Katherine Ferris
Hypnobirthing Coach and hypnotherapist

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