The latest scientific advances in brain research are groundbreaking. Sophisticated equipment and technology continually reveal new mind phenomena.

Can you believe scientists concluded that “brain washing” is actually good for you! — and is supported by incredible new findings.

brain imageAccording to a groundbreaking Press Release, a Scientific Study funded by NIH National Institute of Health, reveals “brain washing” takes place during sleep, efficiently clearing away toxic byproducts. This study is creating a whole new understanding of the “role” sleep plays in our lives.

The study revealed that a “network of tiny fluid filled channels” actually wash away toxins from the brain. Apparently, these brain channels expand by 60%, to allow efficient washing away of plaques, toxins and other byproducts. And, this “brain washing” apparently only happens when; the brain is in the state of sleep, is unconscious, during anaesthetic or in a coma.

Beneficial “brain washing” may also happen in hypnosis! 

Furthermore, I believe this beneficial “brain washing” also happens in hypnosis. After all, hypnosis is derived from “hypnos” a Greek word for sleep.

In conclusion, during hypnosis the brain enters into an altered resting state, similar to sleep. This altered state of hypnosis produces beneficial results far beyond the removal of neurotoxic waste products.

As a hypnotherapist I am privileged to have first hand evidence and invaluable feedback from clients, who have during hypnosis cleared old habits and dispersed negative emotions. My esteemed colleagues report similar results from clients from all walks of life.

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Written by: Katherine Ferris,
Clinical Hypnotherapist


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