Recent stop smoking article in Science Daily mentioned Many People Continue to Smoke after being Diagnosed with Cancer. This caused me a great deal of concern. It begs a question; Are people given sufficient enough information about alternative ways to stop smoking, which do not involve patches and gum? stop smoking with hypnotherapy

As a clinical hypnotherapist, with well over a decade of clinical experience, when people wonder how to stop smoking successfully? My answer – How about Hypnotherapy? I have found through my first hand experience that hypnotherapy is the quickest and safest method to stop smoking.

Numerous times I have spoken with my clients after they stopped smoking and they told me that it was so much easier than they originally thought.

One woman recently said: “she felt like she had not even smoked before”. That is very reassuring for me.

It is reassuring that Hypnotherapy for stop smoking is not just a theory, but that in reality it produces lasting results for many people.

It is reassuring to hear from someone that they have achieved positive results and they did so after just a session or two of hypnotherapy. Some people do not contact me directly, but I know they succeeded, because they tell their friends, who come to see me so they can stop smoking as well.

It conclusion, it is never too late to stop smoking, as this editorial in Science Daily suggests. Researchers at the University of Birmingham recent study adds more to the evidence that it is never too late for people to stop, even when they have lung cancer.

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Written by: Katherine Ferris, clinical hypnotherapist

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