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Hypnobirthing for a healthy pregnancy and birth

If your goal is to have a shorter, more comfortable birth and everything discussed on these Hypnobirthing pages makes sense, then HypnoBirthing is the ideal childbirth method for you.

Now that you have done your research and read some Hypnobirthing stories I hope you are feeling more at ease about the pending birth of your baby.

All that remains now is to book yourself and your partner into a Hypnobirthing class.

When you attend a Hypnobirthing class you will receive a free Hypnobirthing book, Hypnobirthing CDs, notes and scripts. Go here to find more information and prices for the Hypnobirthing classes.

Brief list of what you will learn in a Hypnobirthing class:

Understanding your body’s needs and how to meet those needs
Understanding the Physiology of Birth
How the Uterus Works
How to Release the right hormones to assist Birth
Why women have painful births and how to reduce pain
What a Birthing contraction feels like
What a Braxton Hicks contraction feels like
Birth Positions for First Stage of Birth
Breathing Method (1) for between contractions
Breathing Method (2) during contractions
Self-Hypnosis for Creating Positive fear-free Birth
Hypnosis techniques – Progressive and Deepening Hypnosis for Birthing
How you can have a Calm, Shorter Birth

Positions for Bearing down – Active Stage of Birth 
Breathing method (3) to Breathe baby down
Pain management techniques – Light Touch Massage
Hypnosis Deepening Techniques – Glove Anaesthesia – Anchoring
Hypnosis for Releasing Negative Emotions, Fears and Limiting Thoughts
Preparing the perineum to avoid episiotomy – to avoid stitches
How to avoid a long and painful Posterior Birth 
How to avoid being Artificially Induced
Birthing the Placenta
Cutting the Cord
Welcoming your baby into the world and Bonding with your Baby

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Written by Katherine Ferris,
HypnoBirthing Coach