Avoid dehydration at birth | easy electrolyte ice-cube recipe

It is vital to keep up your energy and fluids during birthing to avoid dehydration.

electrolyes for healthier hypnobirthing childbirthHere is a recipe for ice cubes especially for Hypnobirthing mums, which can be prepared ahead of time and kept in freezer until you need them.

These will supply your body with the much-needed electrolytes to keep up your vitality throughout birth. There is also a ready-made electrolyte replacement liquid, which can be bought at most local chemists.

Ice cube recipe – for electrolyte replacement

1/4 cup Honey
1 teaspoon ‑ Salt
1 x crushed Calcium tablet
1 x crushed Magnesium tablet
1/3 cup lemon juice

Mix and add to water and/or juice (apple, blackcurrant or cranberry depending on preference) Make up to 2 litres – Make in the weeks leading up to the birth. natural childbirth with hypnobirthing

Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Transfer into suitable container and keep in the freezer until needed. Use at home during first stage of birth and you can even take some with you to the hospital.

I recommend to all Hypnobirthing mums to rehydrate their body, the muscles will function more smoothly and be free from discomfort.

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Written by: Katherine Ferris, hypnotherapist