Birth by hypnosis

Some years ago when I first started teaching Hypnobirthing to pregnant couples, little did I know how widely accepted hypnosis will become, as an alternative to painkillers during childbirth.

Recently I was watching TV and was pleasantly surprised to hear that Hypnobirthing was going to be aired on “Today Tonight”. The report said: “supporters say it almost eliminates the pain in childbirth and claim hypnosis can also be used to treat chemical addictions, anxiety and depression”.

They showed a young woman who was just a few minutes away from giving birth. At the time she said: “I felt pressure, I felt heat, I felt a lot of warmth, but I didn’t feel pain, I wasn’t in pain.”

Her husband was by her side the whole time and he was very supportive. Initially though, he said: “he was a bit of a sceptic in the beginning – alternate therapy and hypnobirthing was a little bit new to me, but after going through the classes it was great”.

Women learn breathing techniques that actually help to slow down the panic reaction, making it possible to not only birth virtually pain free, but birth can also be much shorter in duration.

As a conclusion, the young woman being interviewed said: “she is really glad she wasn’t drugged to the eyeballs when her little bundle of joy came into the world.”

“It was wonderful, it was fantastic, it was exactly the sort of birth that I always dreamed I’d have,” she said.

“I’ve only got fond memories of it and that’s exactly what I wanted.”

Full Transcript of the HypnoBirthing segment as seen on Channel 7 – TODAY TONIGHT “Birth by hypnosis” Reporter: Rohan Wenn, November 7, 2003.