HypnoBirthing – Celebration of life

hypnobirthing childbirth courseHaving recently become a grandmother for the second time, means that both my daughters have now became first time mums. They made me even more aware that pregnant women are searching for ways to help their birth become a more satisfying experience.

A reader confirmed this recently. Having read an article about Hypnobirthing, published several months ago in this publication, prompted her to ask the following questions: “How is it possible to have a more comfortable birth? All my friends say it is excruciating. I also watched a segment on Today Tonight show where they talked about a hypnosis technique. Is this the same as your course in HypnoBirthing?”

To best answer these questions, I’d like to share with our reader what one of my son-in-laws, had told me: “Both the midwife and I watched in awe as she came out of each contraction and smiled… she was just happy to be there. There was no screaming and it was only towards the last few pushes that she made sounds on the breath out. It sounded like a primitive sound, but it was so controlled. We were amazed at how composed she was throughout”. My other son-in law told me: “I was so emotional! To witness my wife give birth was truly amazing. Having heard so many bad stories about childbirth, I was prepared for the worst, but she was calm and patient. It was just so much better than anything I expected. Afterwards, she was on cloud nine, almost euphoric, walking around and full of energy, and she didn’t have any drugs or medication.”

Both my daughters had a natural birth and had no need for an epidural. Both had learned the self-hypnosis technique called Hypnobirthing, a method that helps eliminate the fear of birth.

As a teacher of the Hypnobirthing method, I am thrilled to say that I hear similar positive comments, on a regular basis, from mums, dads, midwives and hospital staff. The same kind of comments were highlighted on the Today Tonight show, mums are reporting that their childbirth was a wonderful experience. Hypnobirthing takes the unnecessary fear out of a natural life experience and turns it into a celebration of life.

Written by Katherine Ferris.

This article originally appeared in the Wellbeing column of the of the September 2004 issue of the The Glenorian Gazette.