Obstetricians, Doctors and Midwives are fans of hypnobirthing! So is Kate Middleton!

The world is abuzz with talk of Kate Middleton being a fan of hypnobirthing. Popular Magazines and newspapers reported that Kate, when she was pregnant, explored hypnobirthing and the use of hypnosis for a more natural birth for her first baby.

birth choicesObstetricians, Doctors and Midwives are reportedly big fans of hypnobirthing, they say it makes everyone’s role more pleasant and enjoyable.

Hypnobirthing – a method of hypnosis, visualization and deep breathing – is a growing trend among savvy moms-to-be who seek alternatives to medicated births. The idea is that childbirth is a natural process and can be accomplished calmly if the mother can relax enough to let her body do its job.

Many people, including HypnoBirth mums believe modern birth — with epidurals, C-sections, Pitocin injections, etc. — build a culture of fear, which causes women to release unfavourable hormones increasing pain in childbirth.

Hypnobirthing helps women let go of “fear-tension-pain” regularly experienced in labour. Instead – women learn to work with their body to produce natural pain-relieving chemistry during childbirth.

Time and time again, I receive wonderful phone calls and emails from women. Women love to share personal stories of how they birthed babies into the world calm, pain-free, with no stitches, no drugs. Many tell me about births that were manageable even despite being induced or due to special circumstances caused by; gestational diabetes or conditions brought on by elevated blood pressure (known as pre-eclampsia). Majority of these women also reported shorter, more comfortable childbirth experiences.

Birth a Labour of Love CD“If we welcome our babies in love instead of fear, we’ll create a world of love,” a quote from New York Daily News.

There is no doubt in my mind, however, that the biggest fans of hypnobirthing are the women themselves.

Women with the first-hand experience of the calm, pain-free births, who gladly share their positive hypnobirthing stories and the enjoyment of spending time relaxing during pregnancy listening to the Birth a Labour of Love CD and several other birthing CDs.

Written by: Katherine Ferris, hypnobirthing coach