It’s Conceivable!

Back in May, Colin wrote of how he and I had taken American friends of ours on a trip to the Blue Mountains. What a pleasure we got from talking with these two professionals about the subject of the rising rate of infertility, a subject that is extremely important to many of us.

What he didn’t mention was that our friend Lynsi Eastburn, is the award winning creator of the one-of-a-kind program for promoting natural fertility and that she is also the author of the book “It’s Conceivable”. The book is a fascinating journey exploring what is possible when we harness the power of the mind, through hypnosis. Both of our major newspapers were very interested in her work and had sent journalists to interview her. The Sydney Morning Herald had published a story titled “Hypnotism could spell end to fertility woes” about the importance of her work in the field of infertility. The Daily Telegraph’s story was titled “Time for pregnancy hypnosis”.

For many years now, I have also been involved in this fascinating field. Some seven years ago, I started teaching pregnant women a method of self-hypnosis for more comfortable and natural childbirth, called HypnoBirthing. Since then, I naturally developed an interest in and have worked with women from conception, through to pregnancy and childbirth.

Being blessed to be working so closely with women has also meant that I continue to keep abreast of the latest research and attend advanced training on ‘Women’s Issues’, including infertility.

Statistics show that more and more couples are diagnosed with infertility these days. One in six couples will experience some fertility problems and ten percent of these will be diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’. Various fertility treatments are available, including IVF.

The success rate for these treatments is apparently about twenty percent. Recent studies, published in the journal ‘Fertility and Sterility’, indicate that ‘infertile’ women using hypnosis in conjunction with other methods, increase their chance of conceiving by up to fifty five percent, comparing to twenty percent with IVF alone.

HypnoFertility is a specialised method of using hypnosis for fertility. It is fast becoming one of the most sought-after methods, supporting the entire fertility process (natural or medically assisted), for optimal results. Doctors today recommend this process to couples who have been diagnosed with “‘unexplained infertility”, together with other specialised fertility treatments. The result: more couples conceiving and having babies.

Written by Katherine Ferris.

This article originally appeared in the Wellbeing column August/September 2007 issue of the The Glenorian Gazette.

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