Hypnotherapy – Dispelling the stigma of mood disorders

Statistics show that mood disorders such as depression, panic attacks and anxiety are on the increase and becoming more widespread.

Fortunately, there is now a greater understanding and acceptance of the role repressed emotions play in overall health and wellbeing. The stigma attached to mental disorders is being dispelled.

Ongoing research in mood disorders here in Australia, has led to the successful development of a particular style of Hypnotherapy or subconscious-mind therapy. Developed some 20 years ago, P.S.H. (Private Subconscious-mind Healing) is at the forefront in this field. It is based on the latest fundamental understanding that our mind and body are inextricably connected.

Information currents flow between our mind and body, like a two-way conversation, which we experience as feelings and emotions. Dr. Candace Pert a prominent US scientist confirms that molecules of emotion are located throughout our body. Emotions generate a physical response and unhealed trauma or suppressed feelings may cause serious health problems.

The old view that we are victims of depression or chronic illness is being replaced by a new awareness that the conversation between our mind and body can be harnessed, and that we can take an active role in the healing process. Accumulated or unexpressed emotions can now be dealt with entirely within the subconscious mind, without the need to consciously recall or analyse memories.

All of us as children had limited reasoning abilities and, fearing an imaginary monster was an anxiety producing emotion at the age of four. However, we know those emotions carried forward into adulthood are illogical. Given the opportunity to review old fears or traumas in a mature way, within the inner mind, we would gladly let go of a lot of emotions, which are outdated or inappropriate.

Hypnotherapy is a brief form of therapy that usually requires a commitment of only three to five sessions. It is important to emphasise however, that hypnotherapy is the start and not the finish of an inner process. Positive inner changes and health improvements continue for quite some time thereafter.

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Written by Katherine Ferris

This article originally appeared in the Wellbeing column of the of the May 2004 issue of the The Glenorian Gazette.