Hypnotherapy harmonises the mind

Can Hypnotherapy create mind harmony?

Many of us are now striving toward a more harmoniously balanced lifestyle, by taking positive measures towards lessening the effects of our toxic environment. The need to harmonise the mind may at first seem surprising, even absurd, especially when the need to clean up the environment and our physical state is of obvious priority.

However, we must not overlook the fact that our mind is the ultimate control system; the function it performs makes it the centre of our whole being. And, unfortunately, we have probably allowed it’s magnificent memory banks to become overburdened through limited beliefs, distorted thinking, negative attitudes and “broken records” – those little voices in our head that whisper “can’t, shouldn’t, ought and must”.

Added to this, we are, very likely, upsetting the brain’s delicate biochemical balance with a whole range of ingested pollutants, impurities, additives and toxins. Disease does not “happen” in isolation. There are reasons for all changes in our bodies; many of these reasons are in our minds.

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Stress caused by negative emotions, attitudes and addictions, displaces the natural healing energy with which we were born. Some attitudes and emotions, such as fear, hatred, jealousy and resentment are as destructive as physical toxins, since they have specific and far-reaching influences on our health.

Changing self-destructive attitudes and addictions, so that the energy produced is re-channelled into productive self-healing, is the purpose we should embrace.

Fortunately, since attitudes are learned, they can be changed. Although emotions, attitudes and thoughts are bound up together, trying to talk ourselves out of a particular feeling isn’t very effective.

If you have already tried “positive thinking” without success, you will be aware of the most important aspect: using positive thoughts, as an overlay to blot out negative feelings is not enough. They leave the original unpleasant feelings generated by the underlying attitudes untouched.

Worse still, you may now feel a failure, and then guilty for failing. Seeking hypnotherapy to shift our internal thinking process can break this vicious cycle. Stress is a normal human condition on which we depend for survival. Functioning incorrectly, however, it wastes energy and threatens our health.

Since stress is a natural reaction to situations that require our energy and attention, it can, and even should, be our friend. If we have developed negative or self-destructive attitudes, we may find it necessary to seek out a Hypnotherapist who can help us learn how to initiate change.

Hypnotherapy helps us to “de-stress” our mind

Hypnotherapy helps us to use the power of our subconscious mind to “stress-proof” ourselves. By letting go of old beliefs and impressions, we will be able to change our attitudes, feelings and finally our behaviour. We will learn to respond instead of react to challenging situations.

Hypnotherapy introduces us to a natural method of healing our emotions. Releasing previously locked-in negative energy, promotes confidence and self-worth, and allows our mind to act in harmony with our body in achieving overall health and wellbeing.

Written by Katherine Ferris.

This article originally appeared in the Wellbeing column of the of the November 2004 issue of the The Glenorian Gazette.