Hypnotherapy in the spotlight – does hypnosis work?

Hypnotherapy has been in the spotlight more and more, lately. The reason Hypnotherapy catches peoples attention is because it’s a phenomena that’s intriguing. We are very fascinated with hypnotism and the power of our mind, yet all at the same time we are a little mystified about it’s potential. We wonder; does it really work?

Does Hypnosis really work?

In recent years many articles about Hypnosis have appeared in the mainstream press and on TV shows. A few years back channel 9 program, What’s Good For You, put Hypnotherapy to the test. The title of the segment was appropriately called “Does Hypnotherapy work or is it all in the Mind?”

During this Hypnotherapy segment they asked a very valid question: “But how exactly does hypnotherapy work?” The show explores the possibilities and comes up with the following answer: “Scientists still aren’t sure, but when a person’s hypnotised, the right side of the brain responsible for emotions and creativity becomes far more active than the left side of the brain, which is responsible for logical thinking.”

According to hypnotist David Kennedy: “What people don’t understand is that we experience trance experiences everyday. Daydreaming, driving a car, focusing attention on music or a movie. Any of those things produce some degree of altered states of consciousness we call hypnosis. When a person consults a hypnotherapist, all they do is access that hypnotic capacity right there in the clinic room.”

And I am in total agreement, as a hypnotherapist I see it every day in my clinic. I have worked with many clients, just like you and me, who have achieved successful results during our hypnotherapy sessions. During sessions clients easily alter their awareness and connect with their deeper intelligence. This intelligence within the mind, guides us to accomplish changes even sooner then we dreamed was going to be possible.

In conclusion: “If you think hypnotherapy might work for you, you’ll find hypnotherapists in all of Australia’s big cities. Just remember, it pays to go in with a positive attitude and a willingness to be there.”

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Written by Katherine Ferris