Stress in body or mind – does hypnosis help?

We often hear people talk about stress… but what is stress, actually? Is it just a mental condition or is it mental/physical?

We know that whatever causes stress will adversely affect us physically and emotionally. The mind and body are connected, they are governed and controlled to a large extent, by a similar chemical make up.

Stress, how does it really affect us and does hypnosis help?

stress can be helped with hypnosis

It should not be surprising that stress causes health problems.

An apparent physical ailment can be brought on by our mental incapacity to deal with situations such as stress at work, or losing a job, stress at home or grieving for a lost love.

Stress causes us to feel emotionally upset, to have sleepless nights or lose concentration. The mind runs around in circles, sometimes to the point of frustration, we wish we could turn off our thoughts altogether.

On the other hand, stress could cause us to come down with some kind of an illness and because we feel low in spirits, we become confused as to whether this is brought on by mental stress or is it simply a “bug” we have to fight off.

We don’t get pain, a virus or illness because we are stressed… or do we?

We don’t suffer mental stress because we have illness such as cancer or a virus … or do we?

Stressed people with drinking, smoking or eating disorders usually increase their bad habits when under emotional stress and this can lead to further health imbalances.

So, it matters not whether stress is brought about by emotional or physical problems; the result is the same. Stress can worsen our condition and therefore we develop a greater need for even more emotional crutches.

Let’s face it! It doesn’t really matter what initiated the health problem, the mind is simply another part of the body’s total system.

Our aim is to feel better.

Our overall health and vitality is what is of concern here.

So surely we need to have a multi-attack plan to recover from what ails us. Restoring balance through diet, herbs or medication is only part of the story.

We must also acknowledge that worry and negative thoughts can lead to stress symptoms we suffer from. Hypnotherapy has been of help to most people who benefit from getting help with hypnosis to release stress and manage their negative emotions.

In conclusion, in many instances hypnosis services and emotional healing techniques help to restore our emotional and physical health brought on by stress.

Written by Katherine Ferris
Clinical Hypnotherapist