Hypnobirthing facilitates a relaxed and positive attitude

You will be pleased to know that the CD “Mothers Devotion and Love” is of great benefit. I actually really enjoy it!
I am reading an interesting book, which is about how a person’s experience in utero as well as in infancy and early childhood affects psychological and neural development.

It has made me realise how enormously beneficial Hypnobirthing is. Not just for the birthing experience, but because of the relaxation during pregnancy and because it really facilitates a relaxed and positive attitude, towards the pregnancy and the baby and therefore, towards parenting. I am so sure that it is one of the reasons that Louis is a relaxed baby and why I feel calm and confident as a mother. I think that this aspect of Hypnobirthing is at least as important as the birthing experience and for me, was an entirely unexpected benefit!

Dr. T.N – Sydney