Hypnobirthing CD Sailed through the first 14 hours

Thank you so much for getting back to me about the Hypnobirthing CD. I do want to say again that I was very pleased and appreciative at how helpful you have been throughout.

I ended up going into labour 11 days early and having a little baby girl, Ava Maja. She was born 7 pounds exactly, 47 cms, and is the most beautiful little angel that ever was seen. It was great that I received the other Hypnobirthing CD Birth a labour of Love in time and was able to get a good few days of listening in, before going into labour.

After having gone into labour I found the breathing techniques very helpful and I found that even having only listened for a short time I was able to use the methods brought to me through the hypnosis CD. By focusing on breathing and relaxing the muscles in my body and handing myself over the my birthing body I was able to sail through the first 14 hours comfortably and calmly. Unfortunately baby Ava was not quite prepared for her birth and after several attampts to turn her, I was unable to continue labouring due to exhaustion and an emergency caesarean was ordered. At the end of the day, I gave birth to the loveliest little girl I have ever seen and I thank my lucky stars that she is happy and healthy. While my birthing experience did not go exactly to plan, I was still able to remain calm throughout the whole process and I truly believe that my baby girl experienced far less trauma for this simple reason, and I credit this to the methods I learned through using the CD.

I recall that you asked for feedback, and while not the most positive story I really am grateful to have had the aid of the “Labour of Love” CD.

I will certainly recommend your CD to other pregnant women wanting a calm and natural childbirth.

Kind Regards,
Sally M. – Queensland