Hypnobirthing CDs gave me confidence and serenity

My husband and I are co-creating our first birth experience in a somewhat unique context (Americans, living in Sweden, listening to Australian hypno-birth cds – very global). I am so happy to have these cds and your on-line support. Your willingness to answer my questions and help me figure out things from the other end of the planet is remarkable and so very much appreciated.

Listening to these cds (I have all three) has already imbued me with confidence and serenity around the birth of my first baby. I know with certainty that my continued use of them will only cause those feelings to grow and expand to envelop my husband (who will also listen so as to better coach me on the blessed day), our midwife and all those who will be present at the delivery. Many thanks for dedicating yourselves to this beautiful work. Namaste.

Diana – Sweden