HypnoBirthing Birth Stories

//HypnoBirthing Birth Stories

HypnoBirthing Birth Stories

15 05, 2015

How to Manage Painful Contractions

How I Managed Painful Contractions Hi Katherine, My husband and I did your HypnoBirthing course over 2 years ago in preparation

18 02, 2015

Hypnobirthing Refresher

Hypnobirthing Refresher Course A previously happy Hypnobirthing mum is pregnant again and has emailed with the following QUESTION: Do you

4 09, 2014

Hypnobirthing confidence to birth calmly!

Our son was born without any intervention, I was fully dilated when I arrived at the hospital to the complete disbelief of my mother. I couldn't have done it without the confidence of Hypnobirthing classes behind me, so thank you, thank you!

19 08, 2014

I had a great labour – a completely natural birth

I had a great labour - completely natural, no drugs, only 6 hours in total from initial contractions to delivery and gave birth to a whoppingly healthy 4.5kg baby boy.

11 07, 2014

Induced but managed to birth without gas or epidural

The midwife said I did extremely well and it's uncommon for "delivery ward" to see women so relaxed during labour. My son was born after only 4 and a half hours of labour, and I managed the contractions without having to ask for any gas or morphine or epidural, and I think hypnobirth made me achieve that.

8 02, 2014

How Hypnobirthing breathing helped during birth

A pregnant mum found the hypnobirthing breathing very useful; this method of breathing really helped me keep calm and relaxed in early labour