Baby Brock – Hypnobirthing did the trick

Hi Katherine,

On August 1st at 23.33 I had our second child, a beautiful baby boy. He weighed 4040grams. He is a darling little boy. He sleeps and eats well. In the end I found that although I had practised the hypnosis every day, it was the relaxation techniques I was able to use very well and the visualisation.

My birth story is quite similar to a lot of other hypnobirthing stories. On Friday night I started getting contractions, I had them all throughout the night but I used relaxation techniques and managed to sleep well. On Saturday the contractions lessened which was disappointing as I was 5 days overdue and I knew that if I didn’t have the baby by Monday they would look at inducing me. On Saturday night the contractions became stronger while I was sleeping, and again I used relaxation techniques to get a decent sleep. On Sunday Chris, Alex and I went for a long walk and played in the park. This really helped to get the contractions become stronger and more frequent. I had to stop walking during contractions, but mostly I just felt a tightening in my abdomen. I used the breathing techniques during them. I had a nap in the afternoon and the contractions slowed down again, so my husband got me to go for another walk in the afternoon. It was a beautiful afternoon and we played with Alex for a long time in the park. I mainly just stayed on the swings as my contractions were reasonably close together. We went home and halfway through dinner I had to stop because the contractions were too distracting to eat. They were a little sore right at the peak, but not too much. At around 7pm we timed my contractions for about an hour, they were around 3-5 mins between.

We packed for the hospital and while we called the midwife the contractions pretty much stopped. It was about 9.30, and she really didn’t think I was ready to come in and suggested I wait. We had to get a friend to drive us, so I said I would prefer to come straight away and she agreed. When I got to hospital at 10.30 she checked my blood pressure and the baby’s heartbeat. They were normal and I was very relaxed so she said she wouldn’t do an internal examination, and would come back at 11.30pm (This was at 10.45pm) to see if the contractions had picked up again and decide then if we should go home. I think she thought I was in the very early first stage and only about 3-4cm dilated. About 15 mins later I asked Chris to page the midwife because I was feeling the urge to push. She reluctantly did an internal and was VERY surprised that I was fully dilated and Baby Brock was born at 11.33pm. Only the last few contractions were quite painful. Probably the thing that surprised me most about my labour was my recovery. Within an hour of delivery I was feeling pretty much fine. I didn’t tear or need stitches, which the medical staff were all very surprised about. After I had my first son I really didn’t think that I would ever be able to go through labour again, and this time I felt that I could have done it again the next day if I had to.

Hope you are well, and thanks for delivering the course. It was great to have such a nice labour.

Susannah (Aug 04)