Baby Jackson – calm, home birth!

A fathers’ experience how powerful HypnoBirthing can be

Dear Katherine,
Here’s our new addition to the family. Jackson surprised us by deciding to be born at home! Marina went into labour at 6PM Wednesday night and Jackson was born at 10PM. Marina was awesome and I had the privilege of receiving him directly from his Mum then being able to give him back to her. We called the Hospital and they sent an ambulance around to collect us.

Both Marina and Jackson are very well and happy. He’s a peaceful boy. I think Hypnobirthing had a lot to do with the calm, confident, fear-free way Marina approached his impending and actual arrival. He had a drug-free, lovely intimate debut with just Marina, our friend Pip and I.

Thank you for providing us with a new paradigm with which to approach Jackson’s birthing. I have now experienced first-hand how powerful the HypnoBirthing way can be.

Vital stats for those interested:
Jackson Connor O’Rourke
Born: 10:00PM, 24th November 2004
Weight: 3.47Kg or 7lb 10oz
Length: 51.5cm
Star sign: Sagittarius
Outlook on life: Unlimited!

Marina and Jackson are both very well.
Love, peace and happiness from a very happy Dad,
Rex, Marina and Jackson (Nov 04)