Baby Josie – smooth natural labour

Hi Katherine,

Michael and I did your course in March and are now the proud parents of our little baby girl Josie, it’s a good story to tell… and I am happy for you to share it… always good to hear positive birth stories 🙂

Exactly 1 week before my official due date I stood up from playing duplo on the floor with my 20 month old daughter, Evie, to then have my waters break! It was 5:30pm. I couldn’t recall what I was meant to do if this happened so I called the birth centre who asked a few questions and then asked me to come in for a routine 20 minute observation to check that all is okay.

With Evie in tow, and Michael now home from work we drove in to hear the good news that all seems well and this baby can’t be too far off. I mentioned to the midwife that we had done your Hypnobirthing course, she was a fan of Hypnobirthing herself and asked how I had found it.

At this point I realised that I was worried that I hadn’t done enough listening to the CDs or practised my breathing enough and felt like the primary school student who hadn’t done her homework- I think she picked up on this anxiety and pointed out that the main thing to do was to relax! Perfect timing for a reminder like that. I tried to trust your words that it didn’t matter if you fell asleep in the first 5 minutes of the CD everytime!

We arrived at the birth centre at 6:45, and were home again by about 7:30, calling my in-laws on the way to get them to come and look after Evie for the night. They agreed to come over as soon as master chef was finished 🙂

I got home and helped prepare dinner, before I decided at 7:45 that I was having my first surges! They began about 5 minutes apart. I rang the in laws again to encourage them to come over sooner- just in case. They arrived at 8:30, I was lying on my bed by candlelight, listening to your CD and focusing on my balloon breathing with each surge. I remember feeling very calm as they came in to greet me and take Evie, the surges were still about 5 minutes apart but very manageable. After this Michael came and sat beside me on the bed, I squeezed his hand at the start and end of each contraction so that he could time them. He made me a hot pack, as this was the most helpful approach with my first labour. The hot pack didn’t make a difference this time, I didn’t seem to need it.

I suddenly needed to go to the bathroom and so I had to run to the other end of the house. This seemed to coincide with a few changes – my contractions became more intense and my levels of calm decreased. I found myself stomping the floor and telling Mike that I wanted a calm birth but it came out as ‘ I WANTED A CALM BIRTH, WHY AREN’T I CALM? WHERE HAS THE CALM GONE?” The surges were suddenly on top of each other, I could feel my body doing its thing! At this point I knew I needed to get to the birth centre, we hopped in the car.

I only made it 2 blocks before I asked him to pull over so I could hop out, 3 minutes later and on my hands and knees in the main street of Petersham Mike coerced me back into the car. At this point I remembered the balloon breathing and Mike reminded me that God designed my body perfectly for giving birth. I suddenly felt more peaceful and in control as we drove to the birth centre. I was in the zone. The transition into my birthing suite brought intense surges and there were moments when I felt like cursing Hypnobirthing and its promises of an easier birth, until I focused again, found a position on the gym mat on the floor and breathed.

We had been at the birth centre for about 15 minutes when I asked Mike to tell the midwife to come in as I felt our baby was arriving soon. She hadn’t examined me yet and I wasn’t sure if I was even fully dilated, I said this to her as she entered the room, she said lets have 1 more contraction then I will check.

With that contraction the head crowned, with the next contraction I breathed my precious little girl out. I could not believe she was in my arms so easily. I felt calm and so thankful for such a smooth labour. Mike was beside me amazed. We were almost in shock by the simplicity of the birth, Josie’s birth.

Her birth was so gentle on my body, no tearing or grazes, an answer to prayer.

Josie was born at 10:37pm, we stayed the night in our birthing suite and went home the following morning to show her off to all our family and friends. We are so thankful to God for our gorgeous little Josie, and thankful for the short 3 hour labour and the empowerment that came from knowing how he has designed our body for birth so perfectly.

I couldn’t believe how well I felt after this birth. I was up early the next morning making my own toast in the birth centre’s kitchen just because I could!

Thank you for the role you played in this, we are not slow to recommend Hypnobirthing to our friends and family 🙂

Thanks again Katherine,

Fiona, Michael, Evie and Josie Natasha
3.56kg, 52cm
Born 3.05.2010