Baby Mackenzie – Midwives thanked me for such a calm birth

Hi Katherine,

Blythe here from your Hypnobirthing classes from Tuesday nights in January at Annandale. Just wanted to let you know – Murray and I had a little baby girl – Mackenzie Lily
6lbs 7ozs and 48cms long
10th Feb (10 days early)
She is just beautiful (picture attached).

I have also attached a picture of me breathing through a surge. This position was great for me as my back really ached. The midwife at the Mater was very supportive of my hypnobirthing and actually assisted me.

We had a WONDERFUL birth – the hypnobirthing was fabulous for us.

My water broke at 3.30am on Sat morning – I started my breathing and then headed to the hospital at 5.30am.
I breathed through all the surges and visualised waves.

The pushing started at 11.15am and she was born at 12.30pm.

I did not need drugs and I did not tear. The midwives thanked me for such a calm, lovely birth. Murray was a huge help – reminding me to relax and breathe.

It was hard work (especially the pushing part) but I felt very in control and very calm.

One midwife even visited me the next day and said “I knew you were going to have a great birth as you were so calm and happy when you came in at 5.30am”.

Mum did make it to the birth – she didn’t have to do too much as Murray was a wonderful help – kept me focussed on my breathing and also kept me motivated when I would start to wonder if the bub was ever going to appear. She loved it though – dad then appeared as soon as she was born, so it was a real family affair. Very very special!!

It was a BEAUTIFUL experience and as a result, we have a gorgeous, happy little girl.

Thank you soooo much and feel free to share my story – no one ever likes to tell “good” birth stories – well I do!!

Take care

18 months later

Hi Katherine

All is very well this end – in fact Mackenzie is over 18 months now (wow time flies) and she is absolutely hilarious and getting more and more gorgeous by the day (I have attached a photo, although this is still a few months ago) AND, I have just found out that I am 8 weeks pregnant, so that is exciting, although tiring at the moment.

Of course it would be ok to pass out my details, I would be more than happy to have a chat with expecting mums – I love telling people about my wonderful experience with Hypnobirthing!

I myself will have to read back over all my notes and books on Hypnobirthing to refresh myself as it truly did wonders for me!!

Thanks for the email and again, very happy for you to send out my details to anyone who wants a chat!