Baby Montana – Hypnobirthing really helped me

Dear Katherine,

Thank you for sending the info so quickly.

My last birth was much shorter than the previous ones (6hrs rather than 9-10hrs). I didn’t have any drugs or gas (I had gas before).

What I learnt from hypnobirthing really helped me to get through the labour calmly although right at the end I did lose it, but the doula/midwife I had, thought I was incredibly calm even at the end and didn’t realise how close I was to giving birth. We had a girl, her name is Montana and, she was so alert when she was born and looked around when she heard Terry’s voice. She’s a gorgeous girl.

I don’t intend on having a water birth, as I have not used the bath much in previous labours but mostly the shower. There is also the extra cost, setting up and we have limited space. Terry would like all the kids to be at the birth but I’m worried about the little ones making a fuss. I think we’ll let them be a part of it if they are awake but get my parents to take them out, if they start to be disruptive.


Katherine’s Reply

Dear Vinny,

Thanks for sharing. What a lovely experience for little Montana… a peaceful entry into the world. It is reassuring to hear time and time again, that when babies are born naturally/unmedicated; they are so alert and immediately respond to their parents’ words.

I would love to receive a photo of Montana and post her story on our web page if that is OK with you. It is just so beneficial to provide as many varied stories as possible for pregnant women to read… it gives them confidence to do it naturally as well.

Your homebirth is something I am truly looking forward to hearing about. I hope your other children will be able to participate in this wonderful miracle, seeing their brother or sister being born.

In the meantime all the best and please stay in touch.

Warm wishes,