Baby Poppy: enjoyable drug-free water birth

Thanks to the wonderful Katherine and the amazing techniques of hypnobirthing I was able to achieve my dream of a drug-free and calm water birth with the aid of only my husband and one mid wife at the local birthing centre. Click here to read the full story on my blog.

I cannot thank Katherine enough for her training and support – she is a lovely human being. I practised every night without fail and it worked a treat. I found giving birth extremely enjoyable and really looked forward to it in the lead up rather than dreading it like some women do.

Poppy’s heartbeat was stable throughout labour and she arrived happy, healthy and calm – scoring a 10 on her apgar test! She bobbed straight down to my breast and started feeding – testament, I think, to her gentle birth. She was ready for life on the outside!

I truly hope you will consider giving it a try after reading my story, it is such an amazing thing to experience.

Best wishes,