Baby Verah – thumbs up for hypnobirthing

Hi Katherine,

Our little girl “Verah Sayuri” arrived after 11 hours of established labour but in the end resulted in emergency caesarean. It was feared that I was rupturing when things started to feel totally different for me. I had pain below and around my old Caesar scar, ripping pains around my lower back and a strange convulsion sensation from my pelvis upwards, which were totally different areas to all other surges. My instinct was to go caesarean and not pursue natural birth, further. Turns out Verah had the cord around her neck twice and had turned posterior last minute and I wasn’t dilating further than the 7cm, so a natural delivery was not on the cards for me again. I believe the cord hindered her from assisting in my dilation and instinct tells me that the convulsion feeling was her probably trying to get down there but the cord was pulling her back up.

Despite my feelings about the caesarean last time when Ryder was born, I’m totally happy with the outcome this time, as I know that nothing set off a chain of events that possibly contributed to my caesarean, this time. I was not interfered with and I believe this time it was the way it was meant to be, naturally. I went into labour naturally too which was quite exciting for me to experience.

I’m very happy to report that, I went all the time right up to inside the operating theatre, without pain relief of any kind, not even gas and I attribute this to the hypnobirthing. There was also a strange (quite fantastic actually) period of about 1 – 1 1/2 hours where I dilated from 1-7cm while listening to the hypnobirthing CD, without feeling anything. All hours outside this, I had very strong surges. So big thumbs up for the hypnobirthing. The midwives on staff were quite taken with the hypnobirthing too. I would love to write more but I have a solid gold moment where both Verah and Ryder are asleep.

I’m particularly fond of the photo with both Shane and Verah. Smitten daddy and he got a lot from the HypnoBirthing, so I don’t see any reason why photo’s of the dads shouldn’t make it on the site.

Please do send me some brochures to our PO Box. I’ve already asked permission at the local library where our community nurse has her clinic. Which will be a fab platform to get awareness out. They also hold mum’s and bub’s Pilates and music classes for babies and toddlers here. So all very related and plenty of people to see and communicate with friends in need. I’ll also make a trip to the local Hospital and give some to my friend, who works at Fairy Meadow Private Hospital.

February 2010