Birth of Baby Sophia Rose – We’ll use the Hypnobirthing techniques for life

Hi Katherine,

Just a quick email to say thanks so much again for the hypnobirthing course.

Our daughter Sophia Rose was born six weeks ago now and we are loving the challenges and rewards of being parents. Unfortunately we didn’t have the natural birth we were hoping for. The technical term is an ‘unstable lie’ meaning Sophia had too much room in the womb and couldn’t engage properly.

Due to a high risk of cord prolapse a caesarean was performed at 37 weeks. I was so disappointed as I’d been practising my breathing techniques and meditations religiously every day since the course – it was such a nice way to spend an hour each afternoon while I was pregnant.

When I heard I’d need a c-section I thought all the work I’d put in was completely wasted until I arrived at the hospital for the procedure – I used my hypnobirthing techniques from that point on and was so relaxed throughout. This was particularly noticeable during the spinal injection (something I really wasn’t looking forward to).

I went into such a deep state of relaxation just prior to it that I felt absolutely no pain or discomfort. This continued throughout the operation and afterwards during recovery.

Even though we didn’t have a natural birth, I realised that everything we’d learnt during hypnobirthing would benefit us for the rest of our lives. I do hope to have a natural birth next time and will definitely keep utilising the hypnobirthing techniques in the mean time.

Keep up the fabulous work.

Kind regards,