Hypnobirthing breathing helped during birth

Hi Katherine,
I hope you are well and enjoyed the Christmas break.

baby Grace, hypnobirthing baby. Hypnobirthing breathing was very useful during birthIt’s taken a little while to get to write this email as things have been a little hectic, but I wanted to say thank you again for the hypnobirthing course, for seeing us in a private session at fairly short notice and to introduce our daughter Grace Marguerite!

She was born on her due date, less than 5 hours after arriving at the hospital. In hindsight I was in early labour the night before but managed to get some sleep overnight (after doing the relaxation exercises and taking some panadeine), started timing the contractions at around 6:45, laboured at home until about 11, arrived at hospital at 11:30am and she was born at 4:01pm weighing 3.37kg/7lb 7oz without any complications. I had some morphine which meant I couldn’t have a water birth, but she was born on a birthing mat and was calm and alert. In fact lots of people have remarked on how alert she was when she was born!

I found the hypnobirthing 20:20 breathing and resting breathing patterns very useful – they really helped me keep calm and relaxed in early labour and regain my focus later when I sometimes felt things were spinning out of control (I found that I could do the breathing and use gas and air). Grace was in a side position so the forward leaning labour positions really helped and she was in fact born with me leaning on all fours against a bean bag, with David facing me and holding my hands from the other side.

The silver glove of anaesthesia didn’t work out for me and I wouldn’t say the birth was pain free (!) but hypnobirthing definitely helped me approach labour with a much more positive, less fearful attitude, labour at home longer and potentially helped make Grace’s birth quicker and easier.

Thank you again, hope you have a happy and healthy 2014.
All the best,
Kate, David & Grace x