Hypnobirthing gave me confidence to birth calmly!

Hi Katherine,
My husband Danny and I attended one of your hypnobirthing workshops back in June 2011.

Our son Isaac was born without any intervention on the 11th August 2011. I was fully dilated when I arrived at the hospital to the complete disbelief of my mother.

I couldn’t have done it without the confidence of your classes behind me, so thank you, thank you!

QUESTION: About “J” breaths during 2nd stage of birth

I did have one question that I have been meaning to ask for next time; in the birthing stage are you supposed to use the ‘J’ breaths continually to help the baby out or only during contractions with the relaxation breathing in between?
Thanks, Tara


Thank you for sharing your story of a quick, calm birth. I quietly smiled when you said; your mother was in a total state of disbelief at how calm you were despite being fully dilated on arrival. Must have been such a pleasant experience to witness; and to look back on fondly.

The “J” breathing for stage two is intended for during contractions only, while you breathe your baby down. Rest between contractions. During the resting phase use the relaxation breathing to replenish your energy.