Birthing baby Aimee – 2nd stage was quick!

Dear Katherine,

Just writing to let you know that Xina gave birth to our beautiful Baby girl, Aimee Isobel on Saturday, Jan 13 at 8.59am.

After 48 hours of first stage labour, we got to the hospital and Xina was in the bath within 30 minutes and at 7 centimetres dilation. From here, her contractions grew faster and she was fully dilated soon after – her breathing remained ultra calm as it had throughout the entire pre labour.

The hospital records show that Xina’s second stage was only 19 minutes!!! – A few major contractions, lots of deep breaths and a focused resolve to stay calm by Xina led to Aimee coming out literally in one push! Xina had absolutely, no pain medication whatsoever!

Xina picked Aimee up out of the water and I think we were all a bit stunned by how fast it was all over – we had barely got the CD player on!

Aimee was born with her eyes open and was extremely calm and has remained so (unless she is hungry, then we know about it!!)

Many thanks for your guidance and support throughout the HypnoBirthing course – between the breathing techniques and the water she says she couldn’t imagine giving birth any other way.

Hope all has gone well for the other couples we shared the course with. Thank you once again!

Chris & Xina

19 months later

Hi Katherine

Things are great here – Aimee is 19 months old on Wednesday! Growing up so fast (and healthy!) She is learning words at a rate of knots and is also very adapt at using baby signs to communicate what she wants if she doesn’t know the word yet. Check out our sites for her at and (baby search Aimee Maric).

We took her to Cannes, Paris and the UK in January as I had to go for work and she loved it – handled the plane trip fine (as she’d already been to Adelaide 3 times before she was even 1!!)

After coming into the world underwater and with her eyes open, Aimee Isobel hasn’t stopped. She is on a mission to make the most of every day and has been singing and dancing her way forward ever since.

Her first overnight stay out of the house was at 6 weeks for her Great Uncle’s 50th on the Central Coast where she impressed her extended family and Mum & Dad by being perfect throughout the overnight stay, no problems about sleeping anywhere for her!

In April 2007 at 4 months, Aimee had her Naming Ceremony where the whole family gathered at home to celebrate, Soon after at 6 months, she took her first plane trip to Adelaide to see her Great Grandma, a trip that would be repeated 4 times before the year was out! Each and every time she handled the plane trip like a veteran.

Aimee’s first Christmas was spent among various family members and by the time she reached her first birthday, her skills were growing at an accelerated rate.

Late January saw Aimee venture over to France and England for 5 weeks. By now, she couldn’t tell the difference between plane and car, its all just a mode of transport to her! The French were fascinated by her and especially fond of her French moniker!

Soon after coming back home Aimee took her first step! It was a very quick progression from crawl to step to fully fledged running that Mum and Dad scarcely remember a time before she walked!

Aimee also took to using baby signs to communicate with us from an early age so her ability to effectively ‘talk’ to us has been active for nearly all her life.

At 19 months as of mid August 2008, Aimee is a daily surprise machine, coming out with words, actions, baby signs and faces that amaze us. She is a total sponge for knowledge and with both of us working from home, we are in her life 24/7. There every step of the way to help her develop and grow into the most amazing little girl.

Chris & Xina

What are they doing now?

Xina has been a very busy mum lately, juggling work and family. She is a work from home mum with a beautiful and diverse range of products, called Divine Infusions. I have personally tried some of her Aromatherapy Energy Myst range and I was very impressed.

She not only has soothing, calming Aromatherapy products for pregnancy and childbirth but also offers a baby calm Aromatherapy spray to help your baby settle and sleep well. Have a look at some of her other range and I am sure you will be as impressed as I was. The ‘anti-monster’ room spray keeps baddies away and who can help but not be enchanted at just a thought of a fairy spray for the little angels.