How to Manage Painful Contractions

Hi Katherine,
My husband and I did your HypnoBirthing course over 2 years ago in preparation for the birth of our first child.

Hypnobirthing baby #natural birth

Looking back, not only did the course provide me with techniques to deal with managing the pain of the contractions and help me to focus during the pushing phase, but I also learnt a lot about how contractions work and how my body works throughout the course of the birth. I highly recommend taking the HypnoBirthing class to all new parents.

The breathing exercises really helped me in dealing with the contractions. My husband was really surprised at how quiet I was during each one!

The hypnosis techniques worked better for my husband who is more open to those techniques. I got more out of the breathing exercises. So I guess I felt all the pain. No pain free experience for me 🙂

It took me 2.5 hrs to push out our baby. RPA usually give each patient up to 2 hrs before the midwives bring the doctors in. But our midwife held the doc off since she could see I was close and didn’t want any medical intervention since neither the bubs or I were stressed. We tried the J breath for pushing for about 30mins but the midwife didn’t think it was aggressive enough for me to get the baby out. My husband said next time he will be more assertive in letting them give me more time with this technique because he thinks it would’ve been better in terms of less tearing. I had 2nd degree tearing which is what most women get apparently especially with the first child.

The breathing techniques also helped me focus the strength of my pushing so it was in the right spot and not expelling too much energy through my face.

In hindsight, the HypnoBirthing course provided me with information to deal with pain and to focus during the pushing phase. I also got to understand how the body works through the course of the birth. This was a pleasant surprise, as I wasn’t expecting to learn this information during the course. My husband and I opted to take this course instead of the hospital pre-natal course.  We had friends that did both and recommended the HypnoBirthing course over the other one. Some couples opt to do both courses.  We also did a separate breast-feeding focused course through the hospital, which we would also highly recommend, for both parents to do together.

Warm Regards,