Hypnofertility and IVF – 7.5 weeks pregnant!

Hi Katherine,

I had three sessions with you while I was undergoing IVF and I promised to contact you when I found out my results. I was lucky enough to get pregnant on that attempt and am currently 7 1/2 weeks pregnant.

hypnofertility and ivf

I wanted to wait until I had had my first ultrasound before I contacted you to tell you my news. I had it this afternoon, and fortunately it was very good news. The baby has a good heartbeat, which is considered good, however the sonographer said that the gestational sack was very small for it’s age. She also said that my ovaries were over 4 times their normal size.

At this point I will be having another ultrasound in about 2 weeks. I was thinking that perhaps another session with you would help my body (and the baby’s) support this pregnancy. I would value your thoughts on this.

Kind Regards,