Wonderful “Angel” Meditation CD!

I want to thank you for your wonderful “Angel” Meditation CD!

When I bought the CD about a year ago, I didn’t expect it to have such a powerful effect on my life.

Apart from the fact that it seems to be keeping me generally fit, I find it very effective if I have any little scratch or cut – they heal up quickly, and leave less signs afterwards that there was a wound at all.

But I think the best result was recently, when I felt sure I was going down with a real dose of the ‘flu. I went to sleep a couple of nights with the Meditation playing by my pillow, and completely avoided getting sick.

I can’t honestly say that I have really sensed the presence of the angels yet, but certainly a feeling of deep serenity pervades the room when I do the meditation.

The greatest benefit of all is the way I awake with energy and enthusiasm to get on with the things I have to do. It’s a great antidote for procrastination!

So, thanks again, for such a wonderful gift of health and wellbeing.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew – Ashfield 7th July 2007.