Hypnotherapy helped my self-confidence

Hi Katherine,

Looking back, there have been some big changes, mainly with the way that I deal with people, I don’t hold myself back and I have my say. My communications teacher was very impressed with my input during class, I do feel that I value myself more now.

I’m not afraid of people, even new people any more, I have also noticed that I walk with my shoulders back, quite confident posture and I don’t look at the ground when I walk. I look up to where I am going and I make eye contact with people.

I no longer feel panicky taking my son to school. I used to panic about the other mums that aren’t so nice; now I don’t care, I find that I can easily ignore them.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me so much. Where others have tried and failed, you definitely succeeded.

I recommend you to everyone that I meet; that has issues to resolve. I do hope that they give you a ring. I’ll talk to you next week.

Have a lovely weekend,
C. H. – 8th May 2008


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