Jealousy and hypnotherapy

For the last few weeks I have been feeling positive, worrying less about things and it has been a wonderful experience. I seem to have energy and more of an interest in life since the hypnotherapy sessions.

My relationship is going along smoothly, I still do have a little of the jealousy but not as much as before. I feel a lot more at peace within myself.

In the past I have never been one to do a training course due to lack of interest in my life, along with not knowing what would interest me. For the first time, I have found something that I feel I would be interested in and get satisfaction out of. I have signed up for a course that I started last Saturday and enjoyed it. I have started a couple of part time courses in the past but dropped out as I got bored and they didn’t interest me – come to think of it I was only half hearted when I enrolled but it has been a completely different feeling and attitude towards this course.

My job situation is not the best but I am hanging in there and trying not to let it get me down too much. If I am successful with the course I am considering starting my own little business. This is something I wouldn’t even think of in the past. I hope to continue with this peaceful feeling and see my course through and become successful.

Thanks for your time and assistance.
C.L. – 13th February 2004