PSH therapy – Anything is possible!

Firstly, I want to thank you for the remarkable changes you have helped me to achieve in my life. I suspect that originally all I was doing was “wishful thinking”, that I could ever get back to being a real person, living a truly fulfilling life.

I came to you with a great list of whinges, complaints and criticisms about my life-problems which, to me, seemed insurmountable. After all, I had lived with them for the best part of 70 years.

Gradually, with your guidance, my fear of people, my feeling of never being in the right place, at the right time, or doing the right thing grew less and less. I had always lived in a state of steady, constant, on-going fear, anger and guilt, in a world where I always felt I was on trial – not really worthy – even redundant.

My obsession with always having to please other people, having to earn the right to exist, has gradually, steadily, and irreversibly faded away. I can now genuinely say that I’m as good as they are, I have as much right to live my life as others have to theirs.

Now, with your patience and understanding, I know that anything is possible!

Certainly, there are still ups and downs, two-steps-forward/one-step-back. But I can now accept this as a natural part of life, and even think of it as exciting rather than hopeless. Even challenging.

Although you advised me, at the start, not to keep “analysing” all my shortcomings, I have felt compelled to keep track of my progress and changes, and I have found that each step of my growth revealed to me new and more mature challenges to solve. I knew theoretically, or intellectually, that the important thing is to love myself. But I honestly never really knew what “love” actually is!

Fortunately, as I have discovered, when we are truly on a mission, what we most need seems to naturally come to us. I have discovered some very helpful reading* to answer more and more of my questions. Author/teacher Steven Covey says, “Love is a verb. Love the feeling results from love the verb – from doing the loving behaviour”. Now that I have found the courage to start doing it, in spite of the (now rapidly dwindling) fear of rejection, I find that it’s become incredibly easy, and I am actually beginning to feel some real feelings – positive ones, I mean – in tiny glimpses. Which, of course, encourages me to do it more!

Until I read the book which led me to you, Frank Wright’s “Emotional Healing” I could never have believed that a lifetime of what I saw only as failure and unhappiness could be eradicated so easily, and replaced by a future with so much promise of joy, love, success, fulfilment, prosperity and worthy contribution to others as I now see ahead of me.

Even the discovery of that book, left unintentionally in one of the rooms at the hotel where I work, was a true serendipity. To think that there is such a simple, enjoyable process as PSH, which, in just 3, 4, or 5 sessions, can so completely turn a life around, (and at such a minimal cost, financially) would have been laughed to scorn in the 20th Century!

We do indeed live in the Age of Miracles.

Your meditation/hypnosis CDs are a tremendous help, and I always look forward to enjoying them each day.

Thanks again,
A.S. – 14 April, 2005