Quit Smoking in Pregnancy (safely and quickly) with Hypnosis

Pregnancy makes you stress about smoking and you worry about it’s effects on your unborn baby.

I know just how difficult it is to break the habit on your own.

I am here to help…

stop smoking in pregnancy with hypnosis

Of course, you have already heard about the many health risks associated with smoking.

You know that cigarette smoke contains numerous harmful substances. Some of the more harmful and toxic for you and your baby are nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide.

Nevertheless, you are still finding it difficult and stressful to quit for good.

You’ve tried to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke each day, but for your baby’s sake you want to quit permanently.

Why is it so difficult to Quit Smoking in pregnancy?

The thought of quitting permanently is stressful and almost impossible to you. You’ve been hearing that many women stop in pregnancy and take it up again later.

Statistics gathered by the Tabacco industry predict the high rate of failure to quit during pregnancy:

  • About 20 to 30% of women quit after they become pregnant
  • Half relapse within 6 months after delivery, especially if their partner smokes or they live with other smokers.
  • About 70% take up smoking again, within a year after giving birth. 
  • A 2016 review examined whether women receiving smoking cessation interventions during pregnancy, maintained long-term abstinence.
  • Results showed that among the women who were offered some sort of smoking cessation intervention, 13% were able to quit sometime during the pregnancy and remain abstinent when they delivered.
  • The other 87% of women either tried to quit and were unsuccessful, or did not attempt to quit.
  • Of the 13% that did quit, almost half (43%) started smoking again by six months postpartum, highlighting the need for sustained and effective cessation support after delivery.

Smoking is a habit that is difficult to overcome by willpower alone.

Even though there are nicotine replacement substances available in the marketplace, many are not safe or recommended during pregnancy.

The health benefits for stopping smoking are immense and this is particularly true for pregnant mums. Women need support and healthy alternatives to stop smoking

Rest assured, you are not alone and there is a lot you can do to quit smoking sooner, rather than later.

So, is there a natural way to give up smoking?

Quit smoking with hypnotherapy

Hypnosis to Stop smoking has been found to be a proven, safe and easy method to quit smoking during pregnancy.

Smoking, just like all addictions, is a repetitive ‘habit’ that your mind is running automatically.

Hypnosis to stop smoking helps you change that inner ‘habit’, making the external results change quickly. The mind works almost identically to a computer; it continues to run the same habitual instructions until they are changed.

While this inner ‘smoking program’ continues to run amok through your mind, you will continue to smoke.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to help you go to the source, the subconscious-mind, to change that bad habit.

To help you prepare to quit, I have put together some easy, stress free steps you can take right now…

  1. Follow along and learn more about self hypnosis and practice with these 5 easy steps to help you on the road to freedom.
  2. You will also find that a Hypnosis CD for stop smoking will be of enormous benefit in maintaining your quest to remain a non-smoker.
  3. Listening to the hypnosis CD, or practising self-hypnosis on daily basis, helps you quit easily.

Conclusion, hypnosis to stop smoking is a safe and easy way to help you quit smoking for good.

For more information about hypnosis read the Hypnotherapy page, or to learn about healthier pregnancy and fear-free childbirth have a look at the Hypnobirthing page.

For other useful information about effects of smoking during pregnancy look up Australian Government QuitNow.

For more information on hypnosis to quit smoking or to make an appointment for a hypnosis therapy session, please call me. I’m Katherine Ferris, your local stop smoking specialist and a Registered Hypnotherapist in Annandale and Sydney CBD, call me on 02 9568 6801, complete my contact form or book a session online.

Written by Katherine Ferris