Just a short note to say hello and let you know our new baby is now 7 weeks old and is settling in well at home (and with the older sister). You asked for some feedback on the birth experience from the father’s point of view.

I’d say if anything things were a little too relaxed during labour. Danielle coped really well with the surges and she, myself and the midwife did not realise how close to delivery the baby was. After several strong surges, Danielle wished to turn over and the baby’s head was crowning. When we summoned assistance at that point staff were not as calm as they could have been, but we had a healthy baby girl feeding almost immediately on mum’s breast, no stitches or medication required.

The relaxation discs and scripts proved useful before and during the labour, and have been used afterwards too, particularly to help our 2 year old get to sleep occasionally. I think we took away some useful ideas from your counselling, and I’m sure if we had a third child we’d be at ease with the birthing process having now had further practice. Thanks again for your assistance,

Thank you for the part you played in the birth of our beautiful child, Verity Maeve. Love and regards,
Andrew, Danielle, Hollie and Verity

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