Baby Apollo – induced, drug-free, calm hypnobirth

My husband Tas and myself did your hypnobirthing weekend course back in July this year. 8 weeks ago I successfully hypnobirthed my beautiful baby boy; Apollo Sidney into the world.

It was a very empowering and positive experience and I am thrilled that my son entered the world naturally and drug free!

After just an hour of sleep on Sep 15th I woke up with surges at 12.30am my waters broke as soon as I stood up. Immediately my surges were 3 mins apart. After the initial shock and excitement that I was in labor I settled into the hypnobirthing breathing and my husband kept me relaxed reading meditations and playing the cd’s. As we live an hour from the hospital after three hours at home we drove to the hospital.

I was so grateful for the breathing as it got me through that car trip, every bump and turn was a challenge. But the breathing I had been practicing for the last few months gave me a strong focus and provided a feeling of safety and comfort. I felt in control.

Once we got to the hospital I couldn’t believe I was only 1 cm dilated!!!  The surges continued for the next few hours. The midwives left us alone as they could see we had our own thing going on. My husband was a super star and talked me though many of my surges by counting and reading and saying soothing meditations/thoughts, I clung to his every word. In between many of surges I actually slept.

At one point the midwife came in saying they wanted to speed things up as they were concerned I would not have enough energy to push. I felt as though I could keep going for days and was very surprised to find out I had been in labor for over ten hours it felt like much less. It wasn’t until my obstetrician was concerned for the baby and said it could result in a c-section if we didn’t get me further dilated that I agreed to some oxytocin.

So I live to tell the tale that even with the intensity of oxytocin I still did not need any pain relief.

We kept playing the cd’s and my husband kept reading meditations, he was so in tune with me it gave me immense strength. With each surge I went deeper in to my meditation and kept telling myself I can do this. I was unaware of anything else and was totally consumed with my breathing. With each surge I needed to keep very still and visualised breathing in for 20 and out for 20 as a line on a graph.

I heard new things each time I listened to the meditations on the cd’s. Once I got to the bearing down stage (pushing) I was on the home run, pushing was a relief and was the first time that making noise seemed to help. After an hour or so of pushing, and 15 hrs of labor (no tearing and no stitches) my little darling was born.

Thanks Katherine for your course. It feels so amazing to have delivered my baby naturally and with a sense of calm and joy.