Baby Berlin – My labour was incredibly calm and quick

Hi Katherine,

My partner Ryan and I did HypnoBirthing classes with you in March 2008, and I just wanted to let you know we had a beautiful little girl on the 10th of June, who we named Berlin Natalie.

My labour was incredibly quick.

I started having really mild irregular contractions from 2pm. I called the hospital at 5.50pm to let them know that the contractions were about 5 mins apart.

They were a lot stronger at this point, but more uncomfortable than painful. I was told that the contractions should be 5 mins exactly apart for two hours, so to take two panadol to take the edge off and call back after that.

As soon as I got off the phone it felt like the surges were coming closer and closer together. I had a bath, then used the birth ball while leaning over the back of the couch. By the end of the two hours, I was desperate to get to the hospital, as the contractions were beginning to feel quite painful and were so close together that I had no time to recover in between. I did find though, that visualising the baby moving down the birth path; did help to dull the discomfort.

We got to the hospital’s birthing unit at about 8.10pm. As soon as I’d changed into the hospital gown and got to the bed, my waters broke. Ryan went to get one of the midwives as I felt like I needed to push.

She came in to check how far dilated I was, and found the head crowning instead. She was fantastic, and was happy for me to breathe the baby out. Berlin was born at 8.44pm weighed 9 pound 3, and was 49 cms long. Her eyes were alert right away.

I asked for the cord not to be clamped until it had stopped pulsating, which took another 40 mins.

The midwife was really excited about our birthing and said it had been one of the best experiences of her career, to watch how Ryan supported me through the breathing and how calm and peaceful we both were.

Thank you so much for your classes! The breathing techniques really did help shorten the whole process for me and I’m so pleased that I’m now able to share a positive birth story. I’ve recommended the classes to everyone I know!

Thank you,

Since this story was published Lauren has had another baby. Berlin now has a baby brother Madden.


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