Baby Emmason – natural hypnobirth

Darren and I wanted to let you know that Emmason Jade was born one week overdue on 27/4/08 at 3.00am!


It was the result of a long labour however throughout she remained calm – like her mother! I have attached our birth story, which you are welcome to use on your website. I must say there were a few additional strategies that I put into place, outside of the HypnoBirthing techniques, to assist throughout labour.

However I really believe that without the HypnoBirthing we wouldn’t have achieved a natural, unassisted birth.

Thank you for your help and we hope you enjoy the story!

Our birth story starts 4 years ago when we thought we’d start giving “getting prego” a go, expecting it to all happen fairly easily as both of our mothers had been extremely fertile and we were still relatively young at 32 (me) and 34 (him).

Alas after years of trying, acupuncture, and counselling for me to overcome a severe needle phobia, we commenced IVF treatment due to “unexplained infertility”. It was tough. Our first embryo transfer didn’t work and our second resulted in a miscarriage after 9 weeks. We had no more embryos from our first IVF cycle so were back to square one. I thought we should try to get our bodies healthier so we both commenced naturopathic herbs (from Sharkeys Healing Centre) for 3 months before commencing our second cycle. I’m pleased to say we got pregnant first go and our beautiful daughter is the result of that. We also have a “bubcicle” (second embryo) on ice, which will hopefully, be her sibling in 18 months or so.

My pregnancy was an absolute dream run with no problems at all. At 32 weeks DH and I attended a course to learn HypnoBirthing techniques, as I really wanted to experience a natural, pain free birth and reading the birthing stories of these women totally inspired me. I spent time most days after that relaxing with the HypnoBirthing CDs and listening to positive birth affirmations. As the due date approached I was excited and not at all scared about labour or birth.

At 4 days overdue I awoke and noticed a small show. I was so excited I decided I better get my bag packed for the hospital once and for all. Throughout the day surges (HypnoBirthing speak for contractions) were mild and weren’t really picking up in intensity. I got up a few times through the night but slept pretty well.

At 5 days overdue I was still feeling what were more like Branxton Hicks but by the night they were intense enough that I didn’t sleep at all. I rested in bed and listened on and off to my HypnoBirthing CD but by morning I was tired and wondering how long this “pre-labour” was going to last.

Now 6 days overdue our Doula was checking in with me throughout the day to see how I was progressing. We had timed contractions on and off but they weren’t consistent and at best got down to 4 minutes apart. I was finding it difficult to stay in a state of self-hypnosis the whole time so the surges were starting to get painful. At that stage I picked up the Birth Skills book that my mum and bought for me that I had pretty much dismissed and put into practice one of their suggestions which is to stomp through surges. This really worked for me, combined with clenching my butt muscles (whatever works I say!!!). When I was concentrating and listening to the HypnoBirthing CD the pain sensations were much less however whenever I came out of it would pick up again. There’s definitely much to be said about the power of the mind!

By the afternoon I was really getting tired and the surges still weren’t consistent so our Doula suggested we go in to the Birth Centre for a check-up and to possibly get some sleeping pills so I could at least get some rest that night. We arrived at the Birth Centre (with our bags just in case) at around 8.15pm and when the midwife did the internal examination I was already 8cm dilated! Apparently the way the baby was positioned on my cervix wasn’t completely straight which is why the surges didn’t become more regular. Either way it was such relief – we didn’t have to go home again and we would be having the baby! I called our Doula and she was panicked she was going to miss the birth but I told her to take her time – I must have known there was still another 7 hours to go!

By that point I had the techniques to get me through each surge calmly. My problem was energy. I had been awake for 37 hours and was feeling it! I couldn’t sit down either. I had to be standing the whole time and expending energy through each surge by stomping.

When the midwife examined me again at 10.30pm I was fully dilated and at that point I hopped in the bath to gently breathe my baby into the world – the HypnoBirthing way. Unfortunately after 2 hours nothing had progressed so I was advised I had to use force which I really didn’t like. Here was an element of fear that I hadn’t anticipated – the sensation of pushing through each surge. I resisted the feeling and found myself breathing through them rather than pushing and again after another 1-½ hours nothing had really progressed. At this stage the midwife advised that hospital protocol was that if second stage labour hadn’t resulted in a birth after 4 hours we would have to transfer to the labour ward for a Syntocin (?) drip or assistance via the ventouse. It was now 2.00am and I’d been awake for 43 hours. All I wanted was sleep – in fact at that stage in my mind a general anaesthetic seemed like a positively wonderful idea, but I knew I had to overcome this fear of pushing to realise our wish for an unassisted birth. So I got out of the bath, downed a Powerade, literally slapped my face a couple of times and got serious. From that point it took another hour but our beautiful baby girl, who had remained completely happy throughout, entered the world at 3.00am, had a little cry, and then settled happily onto my chest.

I had wanted to let the placenta deliver naturally however, the midwife advised that as I was in second stage for so long; I was at risk for haemorrhaging so she gave me the needle. I didn’t mind at that point as I happily gazing upon my beautiful daughter’s face. I was inspected by the midwife and heard the best words you could hope to hear – “you have a small graze but don’t require stitches”. Woo hoo!

Welcome Emmason Jade, you have been long awaited and will be greatly loved.