Baby Georgia birth – I felt no fear

Hi Katherine,

I thought we should send you a quick email to let you know of the wonderful birth of our baby girl, Georgia.

My husband, Ryan and I attended hypnobirthing classes with you on Tuesday nights back in September.

Firstly I want to thank you for not only helping us to have a wonderful and positive birth experience but you also helped me to eliminate any fear surrounding giving birth.

Leading up to the birth I was actually full of excitement and felt no fear whatsoever about what was to come. Before Hypnobirthing this was not the case!

Not only were the relaxation techniques invaluable whilst in labour but I truly believe they have made a huge impact during the pregnancy on the temperament of Georgia, she is such a relaxed and calm baby.

As for my labour, I woke at 6am on Sunday morning with what felt like mild contractions but as I had experienced a ‘practice run’ a week earlier I assumed this to be the same again.

Regardless I took the opportunity to practice my breathing and relaxation. The surges kept up all day being no more than 20 minutes apart although I still remained in denial that I was in labour and went about my day as usual whilst practicing the breathing techniques.

After 12 hours of surges I began to suspect that I was in labour but upon timing my contractions they did not seem to be consistent so again I believed that I was not in labour. At about 10:30pm when I was heading off to bed I thought I should do the final packing of my hospital bags “just in case” I woke up during the night in labour.

Soon after that my surges were coming along stronger and faster and by 1am, with my surges being less than 3 minutes apart, we arrived at the hospital. I was a little apprehensive to be examined as I did not want to be told that I was not in established labour but to our relief I was already 4cm dilated but still waiting for my waters to break. By 4am my waters broke and immediately I felt the urge to push.

Just 25 minutes later little Georgia was laying peacefully on my chest staring into my eyes! Thankfully I did not have any tears or grazes and my blood loss was quite minimal, I am sure that this had a lot to do with the fact that I did not tense up during the delivery.

The midwives were amazed at the way that my labour progressed and thanked me for the great experience. I truly believe that Hypnobirthing helped me achieve the natural birth that I was hoping for and feel that it was extremely beneficial during my pregnancy as well.

Ryan has also been extremely appreciative for the knowledge and reassurance Hypnobirthing gave him in order to support me through the labour. We would, and have been, recommending it to all expectant mothers. Thank you for helping us achieve a positive birth experience!

Kind regards,
Justine, Ryan and Georgia