Baby Momo – Pain-free water birth

Dear Katherine,

Your birth education course gave me a new outlook about birth! I changed my birth place from hospital to home, because that was where I can be relaxed.

My first child’s birth, which was 10 years ago, was so intense and painful. But this time, I learnt more about birth and it was beautiful.

My partner Steve set up the kid’s swimming pool for the water birth. We had the most beautiful midwife Myra. I put myself in a comfortable position.

We are ready. When contraction came, I started a deep breathing. While I concentrated on breathing, I had a vision like this;

The baby is diving deeper and deeper…
I am following the baby deeper and deeper…
And the light from up surround us and protect us…

And I didn’t feel any pain while I am visualizing this image. The baby came down slowly but steady, and she was born in the water. The baby swam in the water and Steve took the baby and put on my belly. The baby was so relaxed and even didn’t look like realized that she was born. But soon she started to suck my nipple to feed herself.

It was just a miracle. I was so glad to have this beautiful birth instead of fearful birth I would have had if I hadn’t have your birth education course.

So, thank you so much Katherine!