Baby Orlando – Birthed totally naturally, without any drugs

Been wanting to share the news with you of our divine son, but been so hard to get to the computer!

We’ve been wondering about our class mates Jessica and Fred’s little girls birth and can’t wait to hear the news.

Orlando Davide, was born on 09/09/09 at 5:35pm – 12 days overdue. A really big boy at 4.28kg (about 9.4 pounds on the old scale) and 54cm long. He is angelic and we love him to bits. Feeds like a trooper, sleeps like an angel, smells divine and is smiling at us heaps already.

He’s putting on weight constantly and is very healthy. Breastfeeding is going great now – the first week was hard but we got through it fine. He’s a very happy, content, placid baby which I’m sure stems partly from the way he was born.

Am happy to say I birthed him totally naturally, without any drugs apart from sucking on a lot of gas! (Does that count?!!).

Thank god I didn’t know how big he was before I started pushing him out!

I had a wonderful support team of Birth Centre midwives at RPA, plus Nino of course and my best friend Cath.

While I can’t say I followed the Hypnobirthing techniques, breathing (counting etc) to a tee, while having contractions, what I used extensively was the relaxation and deep breathing.

I stayed really calm through the whole thing and so the labour was quite short for a first baby – about 6.5 hours from established labour until birth.

The midwives commented on how calm I was too.

At one point, early on, one of the hospital obstetricians threatened to thwart the whole thing but the midwives went into bat for me, kept me in the Birth Centre and it all went perfectly. Goddam obstetricians!!

In the days leading up to his birth I listened to the CDs daily while walking and relaxing and it was really great. One day when I can find more than 15 min snatches of time I will email the whole story to Katherine for the website.

Meantime, take care, and thanks again for the whole HypnoBirth experience – it helped all of us experience the labour and birth, I wanted.

Gabrielle, Nino and Orlando xxx