Baby Louis – birth without fear

Our beautiful, healthy baby boy arrived safely on the 5th of April – about 39 weeks gestation… He was a very healthy 3.72 kilo’s and we have called him Louis Edward. We feel pretty blessed. I think that all the relaxation during pregnancy and labour probably helped…

Labour started with my waters breaking and then contractions started more or less straight away and got to be fairly regular quickly, so within a few hours we headed in to the birth centre. I was about 4 cm when I got there. At first I thought that the hypnobirthing wasn’t helpful at all, cos I was in so much pain, but then I think the endorphins kicked in.

I spent literally hours in the shower and even though I still felt pain, I was quite comfortable and used the hypnobirthing techniques for relaxation. I actually couldn’t use the long breaths for the surges – I found that the relaxation breathing worked best for me through and between the surges.

I definitely experienced time warping and just concentrated on every moment and lost track of time… In fact, I don’t know how any one gets through labour without hypnobirthing – I would have found it intolerable for sure!

I never felt any fear, and found repeating the affirmations useful…

The other part of the hypnobirthing I found very helpful was for the pushing – the breathing down was VERY effective and I pushed him out in one and a half hours… Spent mostly in the bath, but after his head came the midwife asked me to stand because he was so large relative to me!

Pete was with me the whole time and was excellent support. Pete was the first to hold Louis and handed him straight to me and we had our first few minutes together as a family in the bath. Really special…

Unfortunately after a completely normal and natural birth, my placenta failed to follow suit and then the cord broke, so I had to have a syntocinon drip which gave me just terrible contractions and then ended up going to theatre. By then all my hypnobirthing had gone out the window, cos I just wanted to enjoy my beautiful new baby and instead I had non-stop ongoing pain caused by syntocinon. I was really very cranky by this stage and feeling pretty sorry for myself. The next day I felt like I’d run a marathon and then been hit by a train! I really knew my body had done a LOT of HARD work. It really was a workout to beat all workouts. Arms, legs, neck, back and stomach muscles were all sore!

Needless to say, I felt much better after a day or so and holding Louis more than makes up for it and I would do it all over again for him.

I definitely underestimated the elation and joy at having him in our lives!

Really, life just doesn’t get any better. So far (knock on wood!) he is a very relaxed and easy baby. He hardly ever complains and then only with reason.

So, all in all, even though a retained placenta wasn’t part of my birth plan – I am still happy with how the first part of my labour went and it all pales when I have him in my arms or see Pete with him.

Hope you are all well.

All the best to you,
Dr. Tania N., Pete and Louis


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