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Have you ever asked yourself: “How can I stop anxious thoughts running amok in my mind?”

We’re probably very similar, in that we have our daily struggles and anxious moments. We get overwhelmed by uncertainty, daily demands and life issues.

Let’s stop anxiety ruining our day…

Did you know you can stop anxiety, stress and worry with hypnosis?

Limiting beliefs from past experiences, embedded in your subconscious, are keeping you stuck and anxious.

Fear creates anxiety

Fear often creates anxious thoughts. Especially when you are very emotional about them. This is why negative self-talk produces such harmful effects.

Eliminating negative thoughts within your subconscious-mind as soon as possible, is very important to overcome anxiety.

Letting go of outdated emotions; stress, worry, self-doubt – starts by reprogramming your subconscious beliefs. Anxiety relief and emotional health can be restored.

Change thoughts causing anxiety by becoming aware of them

Anxiety relief for emotional healthMany people tell me they’ve tried to eliminate stress and worry, by being more mindful. They’ve tried mindfulness and positive affermations, but a part of them still dwells on anxious thoughts.

The reason it’s so hard to change negative thoughts “consciously” is because the problem is imprinted in your subconscious-mind.

Communicating positive thoughts from your conscious-mind to your subconscious-mind is difficult. That’s because it needs to be done with strongly felt emotions.

Only thoughts with genuine emotions make it to the subconscious-mind. And thoughts that are supported by a strong emotion stay there.

Unfortunately, fearful or negative emotions are usually stronger than the positive ones.

Relief from anxiety is possible.

Read on…

Eliminate negative self-talk and anxious thoughts

You can overcome anxiety and emotional issues by using your subconscious abilities. Stop the negative self-talk or at least make sure that it’s not loaded with emotions.

Everything you have ever lived through, experienced or learned is registered within you.

Use Hypnosis and the power of your subconscious mind to eliminate thoughts loaded with negative emotions.

Subconscious potential for reprogramming fear and anxious beliefs

Some people have no idea what a resourceful part of their mind – the subconscious really is. Most people don’t realise that they possess a valuable mental ability.

Given the opportunity to learn more about it, you will begin to truly understand, that the potential for permanent change has always been right at your fingertips.

The subconscious-mind is your personal interpreter and retriever of information and memory.

Information is not just stored in your mind. Research indicates you store memory throughout your body. For example, you have cellular memory, muscle memory, as well as mental emotional memory, and so on.

The subconscious-mind brings forth in an instant, beliefs, feelings or habits; for your conscious mind to use at any given moment.

Just as well, otherwise you’d wake up every morning having to re-learn how to dress yourself, make breakfast or brush your teeth.

The subconscious mind is non-judgemental, it doesn’t care about good, bad or indifferent. It simply stores and retrieves your emotions, beliefs and habits. And, it is willing to make changes to the way you think, feel and do things.

Anxiety becomes a habit

The subconscious-mind creates all habits and memory. Habits are useful, they give us the ability to do things without thinking. But stronger emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress or worry, are given a priority. It is a protective design, to keep us safe.

Unfortunately, habitual thoughts, negative or painful past experiences get entrenched, causing us to feel anxious and stuck.

Stop Anxiety in its tracks – change negative self talk with hypnosis

Stop anxiety in its tracks, stop listening to your negative self-talk.

You may not even be aware that some outdated emotions stemming from your childhood cause your negative emotional behaviour; such as self-doubt, low self-esteem, anxiety and much more.

In the past it was believed that all our emotional problems were to be blamed on our parents, and that delving into the past to re-experience the repressed emotions; was thought to be the solution.

Blaming others for negative emotions

But how can blaming your parents, or blaming anything for that matter, solve your problems? Frequently, it just perpetuates the bad feelings. Why give power to something in the past, that you feel powerless to fix. Given the opportunity, I’m sure you would gladly let go of those unwanted feelings and emotions.

Instead of blaming, it’s possible to resolve old emotional turmoil, without re-living past troublesome or painful events.


With the help of hypnotherapy.

How can hypnotherapy help with emotional turmoil?

Why hypnotherapy? Because you need help to instruct your subconscious-mind to change its negative self-talk.

Hypnotherapy helps you to get in touch with the underlying cause of anxious turmoil. Helping you release outdated emotions that are triggering anxiety.

A part of you knows every thought, every experience, everything that’s made an impression on you. What you need is to understand old emotions differently, to how you perceived them back then when you were younger.

Review those old fears and sensitivities in a mature way, within your subconscious-mind, and let go of outdated or inappropriate emotions.

An experienced hypnotherapist knows how to guide you, to resolve anxiousness, stress and worry.


Hypnosis treatments provide you the opportunity to initiate a communication process, ‘within the subconscious mind’ to resolve problems you’ve been struggling with for many years.

Anxiety Relief and Emotional health can be achieved with hypnosis. Let go of outdated emotions, from your younger years. With hypnosis therapy you can release habits that have been causing anxiety, stress and worry.