Beneficial Brain Washing (During Sleep And Hypnosis)

Brain-Washing is commonly associated with coercion, negative persuasion and Mind-Control.

But can you believe it… scientists have literally concluded that  beneficial brain-washing happens in your sleep and it’s actually good for you!

Researchers have shown that the brain uses the phenomena of sleep to wash away built-up toxins. Accumulated waste and toxins are washed away from your brain, after a busy day of learning, hard work, thinking, or worrying.

Scientific advances in brain research with sophisticated equipment and technology, continually reveal new mind phenomena.

Even with the most up-to date technology the purpose of sleep is still a big mystery.  

Scientists have come to believe the beneficial brain-washing or ‘waste removal system’ is on of the most important reasons for sleep.

Fundamental studies reported in the Science journal, suggests that brain cells shrink during sleep and open up gaps between neurons to allow fluid to wash the brain clean. 

The journal report suggests that it’s like “taking out trash’. And that failing to clear away some toxic proteins may play a crucial role in brain disorders.

Beneficial Brain-Washing takes place while you sleep

According to NIH (National Institute of Health), a latest scientific study reveals that brain-washing takes place during sleep, efficiently clearing away toxic byproducts.

This study has created a whole new understanding of the “role” sleep plays in our lives.

Sleep provides the opportunity for the brain to consolidate memory and to revitalise the brain function.  Sleep also plays a biological role of flushing out waste, that builds up in the brain while we are awake.

Research study revealed that while we sleep a “network of tiny fluid filled channels” wash-away toxins from the brain. Apparently, these brain channels expand by 60%, to allow cerebrospinal fluid to efficient wash away build-up of plaques, toxins and other byproducts.

Apparently, this form of beneficial “brain-washing” only happens; when the brain is in the state of sleep; is unconscious; during anaesthetic or in a coma.

This study also highlights the importance of getting enough sleep at night. When you suffer frequent bouts of insomnia you are missing out on the invaluable removal of toxins from the brain. This accounts for the fogginess, lethargy and many other conditions caused by lack of sleep.

In conclusion, Scientists have long hypothesised that certain neurological conditions such as; Dementia, Alzheimers’ and Stroke can be associated with symptoms of insomnia and sleep disturbances.

Beneficial Brain Washing assumes new meaning under Hypnosis!

Furthermore, I believe this beneficial brain-washing phenomena can also happen when you are in hypnosis. After all, hypnosis is derived from “hypnos” a Greek word for sleep.

During hypnosis the brain also enters into an altered resting state, similar to sleep. This altered state of hypnosis can produce beneficial results far beyond the removal of neurotoxic waste products. A clearing and removal of toxic trauma and turmoil.

As a hypnotherapist I am privileged to have first-hand evidence and invaluable feedback from clients. People like you and me, who have during hypnosis cleared out toxic habits; such as smoking, gambling or addictions. Some have reported to have washed away and dispersed variety of negative emotions, turmoil or PTSD. My esteemed colleagues report similar results from clients from all walks of life. 

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Beneficial brain-washing and mind potential
Beneficial brain-washing in hypnosis
Beneficial brain-washing
Beneficial brain-washing and mind potential
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