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ONCE UPON A TIME I smoked a packet of cigarettes a day. Being a hypnotherapist it was embarrassing for me to admit that I was addicted to smoking.

As a long time smoker and Hypnotherapist I am sharing my real life quit smoking story with you. I’m human and I have habits that I hoped to change. I share my story in the hope that it will help you to quit.

I distinctly remember that smoking was causing my wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath, the lack of energy!

Just like many of you, I realised I had a smoking problem.

Now it’s different…

Now I am relishing the freedom of being a non-smoker.

Do you want to join me?

It’s actually easier than you think!

I started when I was a teenager. Hanging out with my friends, we were trying to look cool, trying to fit in.

Smoking made me feel like a bit of a rebel, you know, doing things I knew my teachers and parents would not approve of.

Many of you also told me you started smoking when you were quite young, that it was a social thing to do.

Truth be told, I didn’t like the taste of that first cigarette. It made me cough, it was awful. But I wanted to be like the cool kids, they seem to enjoy it.

So, I persisted.

I convinced myself to like it.

I got hooked. You’ve been there, you’ve done that.

Once you are hooked smoking becomes an addictive habit that is difficult to break by willpower alone. Many people say they managed to stop smoking for a short time. But they took it up again because they become irritable, impossible to live with.

Just like me, you already know cigarette smoke contains harmful substances, toxins and chemicals. Every packet of cigarettes carries a warning.

Even though you know all this you’re still finding it difficult to give up.

Well, you are not alone.

hypnosis cds for stop smoking
Anyone who’s tried to stop smoking will say the same thing: “It’s just so hard to quit”.

I’ve heard many stories of woe, a friend once said: “my girlfriend told me to take up smoking again. I was so irritable and frustrated all the time”.

Other people say they tried nicotine patches and gum but they still continued to smoke; even while they were wearing the nicotine patch (which of course is not so safe because of associated side effects of putting too much nicotine into the body).

From personal experience, I know that these methods did not work for me either. They failed miserably.

This is how I did it – my real life stop smoking story…

As people regularly come to see me for help to quit smoking, I decided to record a Stop smoking hypnosis CD.

After many years of smoking I realised how unhealthy I was getting. I was suffering with the wheezing, coughing, being out of breath. Eventually I started listening to the CD recording to help myself.

Admittedly, it did take a number of weeks of listening to the CD before I managed to quit.

Of course a session or two with a hypnotherapist will help you quit faster.

Either way, the main aim is to become a non-smoker, whichever way is best for you.

Listening to the Stop Smoking CD helped me.

As a result I am happy to report that I stopped smoking quite a few years ago, in year 2003 actually.

I am pleased to say; “I’ve remained a happy non-smoker ever since”.

Benefits of being a non-smoker

The health benefits of quitting smoking are immense.

This is particularly true for those of you who are already suffering from ill health due to smoking.

There is no better time than today to start on the path to becoming a non-smoker. Breathe more deeply and regain your energy.

Stop smoking and enjoy outdoor activity

Soon you will be enjoying fresh air and outdoor activities.

Go ahead, get in touch and commit to a session or two of hypnosis to help you stop. You are going to spend the money anyway, so why not spend the money on investing in your future health and stop smoking for good.

Or like me, you may choose to put aside time to regularly listen to the Hypnosis CD for Stop Smoking to help you quit. “I know it helped me”.

To find out more about hypnosis to quit smoking please feel free to call me on (02) 9568 6801 or send me an email or book a session online now.

This article originally appeared in the Wellbeing column March 2005 The Glenorian Gazette.